Monday, July 18, 2011

1st Blog Post

Okay, so I'm finally joining the blog world and throwing my two cents out there.  Let's make this a fun Q&A and get this blog set up.

Q: Why start a blog? 
A: I think I have something to offer, and even if no one ever were to see it, I'll be happy to have a record of all the fun 'crafty crap' I do.

Q: Why not start a blog? 
A: I think fear.  (Yes that sounds silly, I'm well aware) But seriously, since I've joined Twitter, I've been following many amazingly talented people and am now following their blogs.  I was afraid that I could never compare to the sheer talent of blogs like Miss Mustard Seed or be as fun and peppy as blogs like Mod Podge Rocks!

But who cares!? I am me, and that's all there is to it!

Also a HUGE thank you to Jennifer (@garagesalediary), Jill (@JunkyVagobond), and Cari (@CariCucksey) for encouraging me to start blogging :-) Please tell me you're following them, they are really some fabulous ladies! And please make it a point to encourage someone today; you never know what your kind words will do.

This image from Pinterest was the final push to make me do it:

Although shouldn't that be 'lose'?

Q: Why is the blog called Pearl Gateway?  A: My middle name that I share with my mom is Pearl, and I absolutely love it.  Something so ''yester-year" or some other such about it.  I'd say 'vintage' but that word couldn't be more overused at the moment.  Anyway, I digress!  Gateway represents my love of travel, a connection to somewhere new.  I also take it as my connection to creativity, and hopefully, my potential to connect creatively with others.

Q: So what am I going to blog about?  A: Anything CREATIVE!  Papercrafts, mosaics, painting, furniture re-dos, all that 'crafty crap' as I call it.  I also consider garage saling creative (creative with your money, as well as being able to see the treasure potential from someone's trash), so I'll post some fun finds.  I think fashion is creative, so maybe if I have a cute outfit, I'll post that too.  I'm not really a cook, but every now and then I find a fab recipe that must be shared - and hey, cooking is creative - so maybe I'll post something super yummy with you!

Looking forward to being creative with you,



  1. Congratulations on your blog! I am so glad you did it! I cannot wait to read what you have to share! Happy 1st Post Pearl Gateway!

  2. Hey you! I'm finally getting back to 'work' after my project that swallowed my whole summer...and I just connected the dots when I saw you on twitter as Pearl Gateway instead of Kristina. Duh, you started your blog!!! YAY You! I've been reading your posts and am so excited for you - you've got something special here :)


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