Thursday, July 28, 2011

My first sale in a store!

I love to make picture frames.  They are simple and fun, and allow me to concentrate my creativity in a small area.  I buy $1.00 frames at Michael's, and paint them, usually using Delta Ceramcoat or Folk Art Acrylic Paint.

After I paint the frame and it dries (which is pretty quickly in the painting world, less than 15 minutes for sure), I may or may not spray it with some clear gloss spray depending on the look I'm going for.  Once that has dried (also very quick), I start to embellish.  This picture shows my collection of little stones, usually used for mosaics, fish tanks, flower arrangements, etc.  I use them on my frames.  The ribbon "caddy" is a repurpose piece of shoe rack.  My husband drilled out the sides of the top to insert a dowel rod to hold the ribbon, and then drilled a wood base to give it stability.  The dowel rod can be removed at any time to add more ribbon.

In addition to adding stones, I usually embellish with chipboard alphabet letters, prima flowers (or flowers I make myself with McGill flower punches), creatures such as the birds in the lower left corner, beads, and whatever else I happen to find.  Anything can be useful, little buttons, nuts and bolts, washers, fabric, scraps from papercrafting - the sky's the limit!

Time for some pics of frames :-)

Pink paint, black on inside and outside rim, black stones, clear gems, and pearl beads

Light blue paint, butterflies, chipboard g-r-o-w letters, mini pots, flowers from Ashland collection @ Michael's, butterfly in glass oval globe

Yellow paint, yellow brad flowers from Hobby Lobby, pink and purple gems, purple butterfly, ribbon

Blue paint, white paint, shells, netting

Frame from the top: green paint, black stones, Ashland collection grass, ladybugs, chipboard letters, red gems, black stones

I usually buy the square frames but sometimes I get a different shape.  I get the square frames for a couple of reasons.  1) I like the cohesive look it brings when they are all grouped together. 2) It's easier for me to put my logo inside it. 3) I think a square frame is easier for the customer because no one really wants to sit there and cut a heart shape on their photo to make it fit. 4) Therefore, higher likelihood of it selling if it is square.
This frame was done with light pink paint, pearl strand, flowers, flower brads, pink/green/dark green gems and L-O-V-E chipboard letters

Here's an oval shape, with green paint, a butterfly, branches taken from some morning glory flowers, D-R-E-A-M chipboard letters, and pink glitter

So here's what they look like in the boutique I work at:

Of course there are more in this photo than what I posted here, but you get the idea.

Even better, two of them SOLD!

*happy dance*
*plot to spend all profit at Michael's/Hobby Lobby/, put it back 'into the business'*

The ladybug one and another one that was like my least favorite (funny how that works) sold.  Actually you can see part of it in the above photo, it's the brown one in the back right with square tiles.

I think that goes to prove my motto, "Someone, Somewhere", meaning that some person, somewhere will like it and buy it.  I mean, look at some of the bat-crap crazy stuff on Etsy.  Somebody buys it!!  So when you are feeling down that your creation hasn't sold, don't despair.  Just think of my slogan, and it will eventually sell to the right person!  Also, don't think that because you don't really care for it, doesn't mean that someone else won't adore it.  So branch out of your rut, try something new, and see what happens!

I'd love to hear which frame you like best,


  1. I love the pink frame with the black embellishments! Great job--congrats!

  2. I'm glad you like it! It's one of my faves too...almost ended up on one of my own walls ;-)

  3. I so love that seashell frame with the netting!

  4. @Carmie - I just read your blog on your fun summer reads. The seashell frame is the perfect match! :-D Thanks for visiting!

  5. I love them all - you definitely have an eye for unique looks. Congrats on your first sale!

  6. Thanks so much! I hope unique = different yet cute, not weird and bizarre! lol :-)

  7. they are really great - and certainly individual which is nice in the age of mass production - hope your sales go well

  8. @Bea

    Thanks Bea, a very nice thought! I hope to find a store where I have moved that will host my items for a decent rate! :)

  9. Those are so great. That would make a great project for my girls to make as gifts this year for Christmas.

  10. @Angie ~ Closet Cricuteer

    Thanks Angie, glad you like them. I think they make great gifts too - I loved selling them in the boutique, and need to find a new boutique to sell them in!


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