Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paint Chip Bookshelf Redo

This is my new recycled bookshelf! 
It originally belonged to my grandparents, at which time it looked like this:

Dark brown.  (That's my Boston Terrier, Chase)
This project was not one of those paint n go types.  It definitely needed a bit of prep.  You'll see that it was split and cracked near the bottom.  Not really a huge concern, I just used some drywall paste on it, let it dry, then sanded smooth.  I also sanded the whole unit with an orbital sander so my paint would have something to cling to.  I manually sanded with a medium grit paper in the awkward parts.  Once I sanded it off, I used my husband's air compressor to blast the dust away.  This is not necessary, but makes the tedious part go by quite quickly. 

At first, I'm not gonna lie, I started off  with the original plan of just spraying the whole thing with some Rustoleum 2x white semi-gloss.  And then I was thinking, hey wouldn't it be fun to throw some color on this thing?

Why can't I just stick with the easy plan...

So I was at Home Depot, and saw this beautiful paint chip from Behr:

Colors from top to bottom are: Water Flow, Liquid Blue, Brilliant Sea, and Havasu.
And I thought, hey, the shelf has 4 sections...this chip has 4 colors...
I ended up buying paint samples, 1 of each color (about $2.94 each).

Of course, latex paint (the Behr) will not stick to oil paint (the Rustoleum spray).  So I would need to prime the area of the shelves where I wanted to paint the Behr.  Luckily, Home Depot was doing a rebate for $5 off any gallon. (YAY!)  So I bought some Glidden Gripper.  This stuff is great.  It is thick and creamy and went on so smoothly.  (I'm sure my new Purdy paint brushes helped.)

Once I put a coat of the Gripper on and let it dry, it was time to tape off the sections that I wanted to use the Behr paint on.  Here's a big tip I can give to anyone doing any painting, on anything, ever:

Do NOT chintz out on your painter's tape.  Get the good stuff.  Low tack (the amount of stickiness on the tape) is imperative.  It will save you from doing 78974938 touch-ups once you peel the tape off.

Taped off:


And with a can of Rustoleum gloss, the finished product!!


I hope you guys liked this furniture re-do; I'm so happy to share this fun project with you.  I'm also pleased that I was able to keep my grandparents' shelf and redo it for something that is very useful - like holding all my crafty crap.

Here's to recycling, repurposing, and reusing,


  1. That's such a cool idea! I love your bookshelf. Very pretty!

  2. That's a beautiful piece with great character! Great choice of paint, too.

  3. beautiful and given me inspiration to brighten up my craft storage

  4. @Tabitha
    Hi Tabitha,
    I obviously didn't know how to reply back when I first started blogging, but saw this and want to thank you! Glad you like it!

  5. @p.s.phyllis sews

    Thanks Phyllis, I'm really a blues type of person, so this worked out great!

  6. @Bea

    Thanks Bea, It has made a world of difference in my craft room. I love it!


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