Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Card Week, Day 3

So now finally here's some improvement.  Not quite current, but never you mind, as I've been a card making fool recently!  So you will have plenty of eye candy soon enough.  These are June-ish.

An attempt at a masculine card for a coworker who just got his master's degree.  You can tell I'm still playing with camera angles, and surfaces I take pics from.  I hate how much better it actually does look in person, especially with the shimmer from the Glimmer Mists, glitter from the Stickles, and shine from the individually placed gems.  I'm starting to like my cards more from this point on.

I really like this card, I'm starting to experiment more with quilling techniques, and I really love the choice of blue for a romantic card - not just limited to pink and red anymore!  This photo does pick up a hint of the glitter that's there.

A card for my MIL's birthday.  I could have killed my husband that day.  We went over to their house and there was happy birthday cake on the table for her.  I was like, "Oh, um, yes happy birthday!  I, er, forgot your card at home silly me!"

Inside I was like OMG I'm SO embarrassed I'm going to kill hubby, WHY don't I know it's his mother's birthday!?  We have only been married a year, and dating for 3 or so, so I would think I would know it, and I would think that he would remind me a week ahead of time.  I said, "If you want to be embarrassed on your own behalf, that's fine, but I don't enjoy being embarrassed, and unprepared without a gift for her."  If a birthday isn't in my iPhone, to me it doesn't exist!

Come on, please don't tell me I'm the only one like this! -_-
He apologized and we kissed and made up!  We gave her the card and her gift the next day.

I like this one cause it goes cute with its matching envelope.  Also, got to test out my friend's Martha Stewart punch all over the page.  Very fun!

This one was sooo fun to make, and deceptively time consuming because after the stamped image, each individual square was colored with chalk.  Chalk that I bought from a Craigslist ad for $3 ($14.95 in store by the way!).  Then I added glitter for that extra punch.  Chalk is a great tool for a light look, and I'm glad I tried it out!

This card was for one of hubby's coworkers, whose father had unfortunately passed away.  I'm really trying at making cards convey feeling, and it can be hard to do for certain situations.  For me, masculine cards as a whole are difficult for me, but I think I'm getting better.  Also, sympathy cards are hard because it is a very emotional and sensitive matter for the recipient (and often the giver) of the card. 

I really hope you enjoy my progression, but I want to hear from YOU! What craft project are you embarrassed to look at your beginning samples?  What have you gotten progressively more talented at?  Leave a comment, let's get better together!

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