Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meeting Online Friends...IRL

Have you guys ever had the chance to meet friends you have made online in real life (IRL)?  Maybe you met them at a conference, or perhaps they live not too far away from your own backyard.  The latter is the case with two of my favorite Tweeters, Jen and Jill - okay you might know them as @garagesalediary and @junkyvagabond!

We all live in metro Detroit, and managed to get together earlier in the summer at Cari Cucksey's (@caricucksey) Repurpose Warehouse in Westland. 

Jen (@garagesalediary), Jill (@junkyvagabond), me, Kristina (@pearlgateway)
At Cari Cucksey's Repurpose Warehouse in Westland

We have all had very busy summers, so we were excited when we could finally meet up again.  We met up at Hayden's, a local joint with great food, service, and ambiance. 

Me, Jill, Jen, at Hayden's

Jen found two of these funky mustache glasses she found at a garage sale that morning.  How fun!  I think I'm gonna put little candies or maybe small crafty crap inside mine.

Meeting people from my own backyard is also the case with Lauren, who you may know as @laurenweber84.

This is at the Detroit Bloggers Conference, where I learned about SEO and Google Analytics.  A post on that to come soon!

I hope I get to meet more of my Twiter friends soon.  Have you met any online friends IRL?  How did you meet them?  Let me know!


  1. It was fun meeting up IRL (look at me, I'm so hip!) It's fun talking with other people who know exactly what you're going through. I can't wait until we can hit some sales again.


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