Monday, August 22, 2011

New Puppy!

I know I just gave you guys a post maybe two weeks ago with pics of my Boston Terrier, Chase.  Remember how I warned you from the get-go that you would be subjected to such things...?  Well now...double the pleasure, double the fun!

We bought a new puppy!!!
Meet Ella <3
Breed - Boston Terrier
Age - 8 weeks today
Weight - 3 lbs, 10 oz
Strength - Holding her own when play fighting with Chase
Weakness - Waking up 4 times + a night
Likes - Hanging out on the coffee table
Dislikes - Being flipped on her back, belly up (Chase loves it!?)

Chase meets Ella for the first time (hope pic quality isn't too bad; half of these are from my camera and half are from my iPhone)

Ella's first vet appointment (of course she has some type of intestinal virus in her poo, probably got it from her mom.  Darn the bad luck, puppies are so expensive their first 6 months of life!)
Hanging out on the couch
Sorry she's blurry, she's rather difficult to get a decent shot of as she's moving all the time!  But I really do love Chase's expression in this one.  He cracks me up.
This wasn't a natural shot, but isn't the forced pose worth it!?
Back under the endtable where all the cool dogs hang out (?)  Chase never went under there until Ella came along...
Thanks for looking!


  1. your new puppy is so cute! I'm your newest follower and room mate for Haven! come visit my blog!

  2. @Debbie--

    Sorry Debbie for just now seeing this, some comments seemed to have escaped me! Thanks for stopping by, can't wait for HAVEN!!


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