Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SNAP Conference and Haven Conference

So I think my hubby lost his mind and said I could go to both SNAP and Haven in 2012!  I couldn't possibly be any more excited! 

SNAP! Conference is going to be held April 19-21, in Thanksgiving Point, Utah.  The conference is for "the best bloggers representing modern handmade, contemporary craft, mind-blowing events and home DIY." {credit to SNAP!}

I am really excited for this conference because I think it will really help me take my crafting to the next level, not to mention meet some awesome people, and go to Utah as I haven't been there before!

Here's some photos from the SNAP! website to start some salivation:

I still need a roommate, and want to come in a day or two early to check out the city, so if anyone needs someone please let me know! :-)  {I promise I don't snore, and I can make some awesome hotel room door decorations lol!}

Haven Conference is going to be held June 21-22 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Haven is "open to all who are passionate about blogging, DIY projects, and creating beauty in the home for less. With a perfect mix of DIY and blogging sessions, it’s a conference not to be missed!" {credit to Haven Conference}

I'm excited about this conference because I think it will really help develop my skills as a diy-er, and continue to see things as their potential instead of what they are.  Not to mention meeting some amazing people!  I think this conference may be a bit over my head, but I think much of that is due to the fact that I don't own my own home.  My husband and I have many of the tools needed to be quite adept at woodworking, but nowhere really to practice it on.  We have no walls of our own to paint, no nasty carpet to rip out and replace with hardwood floors, and very little space to store furniture for redo projects.  Luckily his parents let us use their garage, so all current projects are housed there.  I think this conference will be a huge help to me when we have our own home. 

For both of these, I'm so excited about the social factor.  Getting out and meeting people that I interact with online and meeting them IRL is going to be ah-mazing! (hhmmm I'm starting to have deja vu...didn't I just talk about this...yesterday...?)

What conferences have you been to?  What was your experience?

Will you be at SNAP! or Haven???

If so, I'll see you there!!!


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