Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 25 Cardmaking Supplies Day 3

Okay so we got through the basics and the main parts of card assembly.  Today let's top it off!  Products from this post will be those final little touches to complete a card.

1. PK Glitz Glitter - Glitter is something I put on lots of cards; I guess I'm just a shimmery shiny glitzy type of crafter.  There are many brands out there for glitter, but PK Glitz carries some of the finest I've seen.  It works excellent on top of most adhesives, or using it on acetate can give it a beautiful and professional look.

2. Chalk - This link will take you to EK Success brand chalk, but really chalk is chalk.  Also, chalk is one of those words that the more you look at it the weirder it looks.  Anyway, chalk is great for a softer application, where inks or markers may be too heavy or dark.  It can be used on a stamp, or shading a background, or filling in an already stamped image.  It's recommended to use a spray fixative on it so your art won't smudge, and many actually use hairspray.  Do NOT use hairspray if this is in a scrapbook or something you want to last for a very long time, as hairspray will yellow your paper.  Most people who use chalks probably have a wand with cotton nubs on the end.  To be honest I just use Q-Tips and get the same result.  The best part is that chalk is cheap, most sets of 12 or so sell for about $13.

3. Prima Flowers - Flowers make such a great addition to most cards.  I love the feminine and floral touch, and they're great for adding a 3D focal point.  Prima is the most well known brand, and for good reason.  The products are high quality, and as far as embellishments go, they tend to be on the higher priced side (think $4.99 or so for 6 flowers).  But my are they gorgeous!  I do have ways to make your own flowers, so you'll have to stay tuned later this week for that.

4. Stickles - No embellishement discussion would be complete without Stickles.  Stickles, made by Ranger, are glitter glues with a fine applicator tip.  I use them on almost literally everything.  They are better than just any old glitter glue, due to a higher concentration of glitter in the glue.  Most people are familiar with regular stickles, which come in 42 bright colors.  Some people are familiar with Distress Stickles, by Tim Holtz.  These come in 41 colors to match all of Tim Holtz' Distress Inks.  To those with an eye for detail, the Inks are only available in 36 colors.  The extra Stickles include Picket Fence (white), Rock Candy (clear), Antique Bronze (bronze), Brushed Pewter (pewter), and Tarnished Brass (brass).  The differences between these and regular Stickles is that the Distress ones are not as bright in color, and the glitter is a little more varied in size.

You think the Stickles are covered?

Not quite.

There are also Designer Glitz Stickles.  This is a series of 6 by Suze Weinberg.  The colors in this collection are more multi-colored.  Okay, one more collection (which even some scrapbook stores don't know about) is Ice Stickles.  It is a collection of 12, and I don't even see it on Ranger's website.  They have names like Cherry Ice, and Lime Ice, so definitely going for a lighter but still very shiny look.

5. Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist - I use this on at least half of my cards.  It helps give it a really polished, glimmery look.  Alot of people think this product is meant to be shaken rapidly to get the glittery mica powder that is at the bottom to mix with the liquid.  I'd hate to be contrary to the great James Bond, but in this case it's better to be stirred than shaken.  If you shake, air bubbles will mix with the glitter and liquid, causing a splotchy effect.  If you take the bottle in one hand, and roll it gently, this will cause the mica to slowly disperse from the bottom, resulting in a smoother spray.  Technically there's nothing wrong with the first method, it really just depends what you're going for.  On a side note, I prefer to buy the mist in sets, you can find them in Hobby Lobby, Archiver's, and other scrapbooking or card making stores.  I know Archiver's sells them individually in the larger size bottles for around $7.49 or so.

That's all for today, check back tomorrow for some products to make your cards unique!


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