Friday, August 19, 2011

Top 25 Cardmaking Supplies Day 5

As we wrap up the last day of top 25 cardmaking and papercrafting supplies, I want to encourage you to think outside the box.  Today's items will not have links, and they are actually more locations and collections of ideas than specific items.  You don't even need to go far to be inspired, so let's get  going!

1. Around the House - Lots of items around the house can provide inspiration for papercrafting and cardmaking.  The bathroom might have cotton balls, to make clouds or sheep.  The office has paperclips, small binderclips, staples, and other things to make embellishments.  The kitchen has spices to use instead of glitter for a muted earthy look, or try soaking paper in tea or coffee to make your own custom dyed materials.

2. Around the Garage - Screws, washers, and all types of odds and ends potentially await in the garage.  If you are savvy in the craftroom, but not so much in the garage, try heading to a local hardware or home supply store for some unusual inspiration.

3.  Around the Backyard - Let nature be your guide!  Leaves, feathers, shells (if you are extraordinarily lucky and your backyard is a beach!), small rocks, sand, flowers, and more are just waiting for you to pick them up and use them lovingly in your creations.  Make sure you don't disturb any wildlife, and if you're in a private area be sure to ask permission before taking as in some parks taking 'souvenirs' may not be allowed.

4. Around the Craftroom - Go back to the craftroom and you may see some useful items that you may have previously overlooked.  Dig in your sewing basket, and you'll find needles and thread, leftover fabric and scraps of lace, ribbons, buttons, and all types of goodies.  Grab your jewelry making supplies and you may find some beautiful small stones or gems to adhere to a card, or maybe you can wrap some wire into a fun shape to use. 

5. Garage Sales - Sometimes you might find something unexpected that could go great with your project.  Maybe you run into some old dictionaries or sheet music - these can easily be used as backgrounds or shaped with punches.  You could find a vintage photo or postcard that would be the perfect backdrop to a card.  You might find little flat(ish) items that could be used as a focal point, like an old pen nib or small skeleton key.  Keep your eyes peeled and you may score some steals!

Of course these are just ideas, but your own imagination is the key.  The sky really is the limit!  Inspiration is everywhere, are you ready to capture it?  Let me know what inspires you!!


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