Friday, September 30, 2011

World Card Making Day is Tomorrow!

I'm a little bit late on this, considering that the event is tomorrow, but did you know that Saturday is

World Card Making Day


World Card Making Day happens the First of October of every year to celebrate card making, the friendships and bonds that are created while making cards, and to also get a headstart on the Christmas holiday season.

As some of you know, I recently just moved from metro Detroit, Michigan to Knoxville, Tennessee.  It has already been quite a fun adventure (sorry, I'm a slacker and didn't take many pictures.  Bad blogger.  Bad!)  But I wanted to get back in the groove to crafty crap and other scheduled programming!
I have my Craft Room set up now, and I'm happy because it's even better and more organized than it was before. 

Once the room was set up, I had to just create, to get the mojo goin' (even if they're not necessarily my favorite cards).

The paper, circle punches, and colorful brads came together when I used this "Happy Everything" stamp.  Not one of my classiest, but fun and cute.

I sold a card that had this sentiment stamped onto it to my neighbor at my old aparment, so I thought I should have another one in my repertoire. 

This came from another jar of Martha Stewart Microbeads, a lite lavender color called Kunzite.  It's very tone on tone but easier to see in person.

I love the colors on this one, so bright!  The butterfly was done using my Pazzles, although I don't think I set the blade deep enough because several of the holes I had to punch out myself.  I will try it again with another setting.

This was just a mishmash of gems, paper colors, and embellishments.
Join me and thousands of crafters around the world tomorrow in making cards for World Card Making Day.  I will put up a bonus post with some cards I make tomorrow.  Sunday starts the card hop I'm in so come back also on Monday to check out what I've got.  Also, there's a contest for World Card Making Day, and you've got til October 11 to get your pieces in!  See below for the rules:
Welcome to 2011 World Card Making Day Card Contest!
HOW TO ENTER: 1. Create an original card for any of these five occasions:
a. Birthday

b. Christmas/Season's Greetings

c. Hello/Thinking of You

d. Love

e. Thank You

2. On the back of each entry, include your name, address, daytime phone number, e-mail address, and a detailed description of instructions and supplies used to create the card. Mail entries to:
2011 World Card Making Day Contest
14850 Pony Express Rd., Ste. 200
Bluffdale, UT 84065

*Entries will NOT be returned.

The contest is open to all individuals, except winners of the 2010 World Card Making Day Card Contest.

Entries must be postmarked by October 11, 2011. All entries will be judged equally based on overall appearance, creativity, and execution.

Multiple entries in several categories are permitted, by you may only win in one category. We will award four (4) winning cards per category, for a total of twenty (20) winners.

Check back on Monday; I will be joining a blog hop dedicated to World Card Making Day!

More cardmaking blog candy: blogs participating in World Cardmaking Day

*Credit to for all related information*

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fave iPhone Apps Day 5

Bonus day of apps!  Sick of me and all my crazy iPhone apps, or begging for more? 

Day 1 - Art & Photo, Food, Health Apps
Day 2 - Language, Money & Business, Music Apps
Day 3 - Reference Apps
Day 4 - Game Apps

Here’s some apps for the fashionable jet setter:
*PocketCloset – This is a great app to record all of your clothes and create outfits on the go.  I have my entire wardrobe in this app complete with photos.  Great to have, may count as evidence for insurance purposes.  Downside: it takes FOREVER to input all your clothing, especially once you add in shoes and accessories.  $0.99
ShopStyle – An app to check out all the fun clothes and accessories you can’t afford.  FREE
*Point Inside – Need to know where a particular store is in the mall?  This app will show you.  Also handy if you’re shopping away from home and aren’t familiar with another area’s local mall.  FREE
Amazon – Amazon’s mobile app.  Add to your wish list on the go.  FREE
Target – Target’s mobile app.  Check out the weekly sales.  FREE
Sephora – Sephora’s mobile app.  Shop, check out makeup reviews, see new products and get beauty advice.  FREE
OPI – Want to find that perfect shade of nail polish?  OPI saves the day.  FREE
Craigsphone – Craigslist’s mobile app.   Browse the listings for your next deal.  FREE
eBay – eBay’s mobile app.  Stalk auctions when you’re out and about.  FREE

Travel – Find a hotel quickly with this app.  FREE
*Trip Advisor – Get advice on hotels and attractions.  FREE
Explore USA -  Rand McNally’s mobile app provides photos, videos, quizzes, and more about the ‘daily place’.  FREE
*Geocaching – This is a fun app, and has a lot for a free version.  Geocaching is like a scavenger hunt, where you are searching for an item based on its geographic location.  The app will automatically show you three items to hunt for (called geocaches) that are immediately nearby.  Choose one and the app will tell you how difficult it is to find, the type of terrain in the area where it’s located, and the size of the geocache.  Below, a summary is provided along with a description (clue).  Press “Let’s Go!” and the app will connect with the compass and show you where on the map the geocache is located.  I usually drive or bike to get within 0.2 miles from a geocache, then walk the rest of the way.  You will head toward the green icon on the map, and your location is represented by a blue dot.  Keep your eyes open and bring a pen to sign the log of finders you will find inside the geocache.  My first geocache was found in a tree in a cemetery.  Have fun!  FREE
Compass – Compass app that comes with the iPhone.  Cannot be removed.  FREE
*Google Earth – Satellite view app great for stalking your neighbors.  Just kidding!  Get a bird’s eye view on anything on the planet.  FREE
AAA Roadside – If your car insurance is AAA, this app will be handy.  Request road service, find a rental car, and find a repair shop nearby.  FREE

Hope you enjoyed today’s BONUS set of apps!  Come back next week for the regularly scheduled program of crafty crap!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fave iPhone Apps Day 4

This post was supposed to go out on Friday (which is fun day!) but I had no internet access. Get a jump start on this Friday with some great games to keep you (or maybe some little ones) occupied for awhile!  Check out my first post in this mini series on Art & Photo, Food, and Health Apps, the second post on Language, Money, and Music Apps, and the third post on Reference Related Apps.  A * will denote my favorites. 
Puzzle and Word Games
*Words With Friends Free – This is basically Scrabble.  I’ve been playing this with a girl in another state for almost two years now, game after game.  One of my favorites.  FREE
*Hanging With Friends Free – This is basically Hangman.  I don’t like it as much as WWF, but I still play it every day (with the same girl as WWF).  FREE
Word Warp – Unscramble the letters to make words.  Only way to advance to next level is to guess 6 letter word.  FREE
Bejeweled – Many people are familiar with this game, I used to play it like crazy on my Palm Treo.  Simply match 3 similar jewels in a row.  $0.99
Tetris – If you don’t know what this game is, I’m not sure where you’ve been since 1984.  $2.99
Moonlight Lite – Also known as Taipei, the game of matching stacked tiles to clear your screen.  Kid friendly.  FREE
TanZen – Remember Tangrams as a kid?  This game has lots of geometric shapes to test your ability.  Kid friendly.  $0.99
Sudoku – The latest craze since the crossword puzzle, this game is based on 9 boxes with 9 squares inside, each numbering 1-9 with no repeating number in each box and each row.  FREE
Physics – This is a challenging series of mini games based on physics, with each level getting progressively harder.  This one’s not really kid friendly due to complexity (many puzzles I haven’t solved yet myself!) $0.99
CoAtlantis – Similar to Bejeweled, but actually even better; within the matching of the jewels you are trying to find pieces to a puzzle which will lead you through a map of the ancient world.  Addicting!  Early levels are good for kids, but successive levels may prove too difficult.  $0.99
Scramble – Connect the letters to form a word, letters must be touching.  OK for older kids.  FREE
Tap Games {all great for school age kids unless otherwise noted}

TradeNations – Build your own little medieval village.  Uses real-time**.  FREE
Tap Store – Maintain your own store, picking what clothes you want to sell.  Uses real-time.  FREE
Tap Resort – Maintain your own resort.  Uses real-time.  FREE
Tap Zoo – Maintain your own zoo.  Uses real-time.  FREE
Tap Fish – Maintain your own fish tank.  Uses real-time.  (not shown above) FREE
Tap Shark – Maintain your own shark tank.  Uses real-time. (not shown above)  FREE
*Angry Birds – The ubiquitous game of launching birds that are angry into green pigs.  Different birds have different capabilities when you tap them mid-flight, for example:  little blue birds turn into three birds to hit pigs at different angles, yellow birds can hit pigs with harder force, white birds can drop “egg bombs”, black birds turn into bombs.  $0.99
*Cut the Rope – Feed the cute monster candy by cutting the rope – but beware, lots of obstacles from spiders to electric wires stand in your way.  Successive levels may prove difficult.  $0.99
*Sally’s Salon – An addictive game where you maintain your salon and customers.  (If you like this, then get Sally’s Spa) $2.99
Pizza Shop Mania – Giving you the short version, you make pizza with requested toppings for various types of customers.  Along the same line as Cake Mania, etc.  $0.99
Oregon Trail – Not quite as good as the old school game that you played as a 1st grader in the 90’s, but still decent.  Download just for nostalgia factor and try not to die of dysentery.  $0.99
*DoodleJump – Another addictive well known game with a simple concept: jump from platform to platform avoiding fake platforms and bad guys.  $0.99
*Tiny Chef – Maintain your own restaurant.  Uses real-time.  FREE
Cooking Academy – “Cook” food based on direction from the head chef.  Use your finger to trace lines, which will chop, fold, knead, and grab ingredients.  Good for kids with good hand-eye coordination, otherwise they may quickly become frustrated due to the time constraint the game enforces.  FREE
** Uses real-time means that elements of the game are dependent on time in the real world.   E.g., you may not be able to use an item in a game until 4 hours ‘in the real world’ have gone by.  So if it’s 2PM in the real world, you will not be able to access that item until 6PM.
Card, Board, and other Games
*Original Gangstaz – Ok this one is super embarrassing and can’t even believe I’m talking about it, but it’s honestly a super addicting game even if it isn’t really appropriate (for anyone, really).  The opening image is especially offensive, but I can’t help it.  Pick a color, Blue or Red and join the gang.  Complete “jobs” such as ‘snitch elimination’ and ‘steal cop cars’.  Play the lotto for weapons and cash.  Fight opposing gang members and bosses.  Operate slums to earn more cash.  I seriously can’t believe I’m writing about this.  So.  Embarrassing.  Uses real-time.  Not friendly to anyone.  FREE
Chess Free – Chess.  For free.  FREE
Dots Free – Connect the dots to make boxes.  Most boxes completed wins.  Kid friendly.  FREE
Game of Life – The board game Life in iPhone app form.  Very kid friendly.  $0.99
Monopoly – The board game Monopoly in iPhone app form.  $0.99
*FreeCell – A form of solitaire.  FREE
*Solitaire – Original solitaire.  FREE
Live Poker – Texas Hold ‘Em Poker with other online players.  FREE
Game Center – Games app that comes with the iPhone.  See your stats based on game apps you have compared to everyone else in the world who has the same games.  Cannot be removed.  FREE
Mancala – An African game with the goal to capture the most marbles from the pits in the board.  Kid friendly.  FREE
Yahtzee! – Yahtzee in iPhone app form.  $0.99

Hope I gave you some insight to some games on the iPhone.  If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to ask.  Have fun playing!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fave iPhone Apps Day 3

This post was at the request of some who were interested in the apps I have on my iPhone. If you missed the past two posts, I talked about Art/Photography, Food, and Health apps here, and I talked about Language, Money, and Music apps here.
Today's iPhone apps are reference. What does that mean? Keep reading and find out! As previous, a * will denote my favorites.
Reference {Folder 1}
Many of these are rather random, and I only use most of them when I get bored. But many are excellent references, so I keep them around.
Jesus – An app based on sharing the Christian faith with others. FREE
*Bible – The Holy Bible in many versions and languages, as presented by YouVersion. I use this app all the time when I need to look up a verse or when I don’t have my Bible with me. FREE
Constitution – Ever need to know the Articles, Amendments, and signers of the American Constitution? This is the app for you. FREE
Presidents – Flashcards and quiz on US Presidents. FREE
*PeopleKey – This app is designed my by fabulous sister. She is a communications consultant who helps professionals communicate more effectively with one another. This app will help you deal with all kinds of difficult people. Click on the behavior exhibited by the difficult people in your life, and the app will tell you: reasons why they may be behaving this way, potential problems their behavior may cause, solution suggestions to cope, things you can say to work with the person, and things to avoid saying. Categories of behavior include: Confrontational, Annoying, Hurtful, Loud, Quiet, and Harmless. This app is worth every penny to help you improve your interactions with others. $9.99
TCT Lite – An app showcasing the Periodic Table of Elements. FREE
Planets – A fun app to take with you stargazing, views in 2D and 3D. FREE
*Wikipedia – Wikipedia’s mobile app, an online encyclopedia. FREE
IMDb – International Movie Database of movies and TV. FREE
EWG – Environmental Working Group’s guide to sunscreen. This app tells you the best sunscreen based on ingredients (which are unregulated by the FDA). It’s kind of a one trick pony app; once you find your sunscreen you don’t really need it anymore, but I still wanted to share it with you. FREE
Dirty Dozen – Environmental Working Group’s guide to the worst fruits and vegetables (based on absorbed pesticides), and therefore should be bought organic if possible. Also shows the “Clean 15”, which are the least contaminated fruits and veggies. FREE
Factbook – Search this database for information on the world’s countries such as geography, people, government, economy, maps, flags, and more. $0.99
Reference {Folder 2}
Yellow Pages – Yellow Pages’ mobile app to locate businesses (I haven’t used a paper Yellow Pages in forever). FREE
White Pages – White Page’s mobile app to locate people and reverse phone search. FREE
Dog Parks – Powered by dogparkusa, this app helps you search for dog parks in your local area for you and your furry friend to enjoy. FREE
USPS Mobile – United States Postal Service’s app allows you to track mail, find zip codes, get prices and more. FREE – Kelley Blue Book’s mobile app allows you to check out new and used car prices, how much you can sell your car for, and more. FREE – Can’t get enough of House Hunters on HGTV or just want to do some real house hunting yourself? This app will help you narrow down the available pool of homes based on your query. FREE – Similar to, also useful for getting a bird’s eye satellite view on the neighborhood. FREE
iRecycle – App that helps you figure out how and where to recycle just about anything. FREE
WebMD – Need an app to tell you have anything from the common cold to a strange serious disease? Insert your symptoms and find out what malady you have. FREE
*The Weather Channel – The iPhone comes with a basic weather app, but TWC app is much better and usually more accurate. FREE
*APPZILLA – This app has just about everything. It would take me forever to list all the apps that are within this mega-app. Worth a dollar, anyway. $0.99
*Days Until – Countdown app to your next event. Mine currently has Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas countdowns. FREE
Check back tomorrow for the fun apps - GAMES! I'll have lots of games from the big ones like Angry Birds, to some you may haven't heard of that are worth a look!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fave iPhone Apps Day 2

If you missed yesterday's post on my iPhone apps, click here to check out arts/photo apps, food apps, and health/exercise apps.  I'm continuing this series by request, so here's today's set of apps.  A * will denote my favorites

{I love language, so this folder probably doesn't apply to most people, but you can check it out anyway :-) }

Arabic Alpha – Arabic alphabet flashcards and soundbytes.  FREE

Pleco – Chinese (Mandarin)/English dictionary.  You can also find words that you would see on street signs, etc. and enter them to find out what they mean.  FREE

Russian Alpha – Russian alphabet flashcards and soundbytes.  FREE

Emoji Icons – Additional smiley faces and small icons for use in iPhone conversations and select games.  $0.99

*Google Translate – Translates from one language to another.  You can speak into it in some languages.  Some languages also can speak the translation.  FREE

Skype – Skype’s mobile app for free calling and videochats.  Must have app open to receive calls.  FREE

Money and Business

*Groupon – This is one of my favorite apps.  For those not familiar with Groupon, it is a service that provides deals for shops, restaurants, services, events, etc. within your local metropolitan area.  Today’s example for Knoxville is “$29 for Manicure and Pedicure ($58 Value)”.   There is one main deal per day, often with other deals listed below it.  Most Groupons are available for one day only, from midnight to midnight.  There are some catches; however, in that the deal must have “tipped” (meaning a certain number of people must purchase it before it actually becomes available), it is limited in number (meaning it has the potential to sell out), and it must be used within a certain period of time.  You can Share the Deal with your friends on Twitter/FB/email/text.  Groupon will store your credit card information securely so you can buy quickly on the go.  FREE

Bills – Tracks your bills that you enter with your account info.  Get emails on when your bills are due and how much you owe.  FREE

*Debt Free – A great app that tracks your current debt and helps you focus on how to “snowball” it to pay it off.  This app has really helped me keep track of our debt.  $1.99

*Ask Dave – Dave Ramsey’s mobile app, answers common financial questions from the following topics: insurance, relationships, marriage, career, debt, debt free, investing, college, automobiles, estate planning, kids & money, budgeting, small business, mortgage, and more.  Read the original caller’s question and Dave’s answer, or listen to the audio of the actual call (to Dave Ramsey’s radio show).  FREE

*Converter+ - A handy app that converts currency, length-distance, temperature, volume-capacity, weight-mass, tip calculator, mortgage calculator.  FREE

Pic2Shop Barcode scanner, provides ability to scan and compare prices online.  FREE

ATTScanner – AT&T’s QR Code reader.  QR Codes are square codes that once scanned, bring you to a webpage that provides more information about the item scanned.  FREE

Stocks – A stocks app that comes with the iPhone.  Cannot be removed.  FREE

*Square – This app is a MUST HAVE for small business owners that want to turn their iPhone (or iPad) into a credit card reader.   Sign up with Square and they will send you a free card reader that plugs into the headphone jack.  They charge a 2.75% fee per transaction.  FREE

Go Daddy – Go Daddy’s mobile app to manage your domain on the go.  FREE

ScanBizCards – This app is great for those who lose business cards they collect from meetings, shows, and other miscellaneous events.  Cards can be merged into iPhone contacts.  $6.99

HP ePrint – HP’s mobile wireless printing app to print on the go.  FREE


Pandora – Pandora’s mobile app to listen to genre or custom music stations.  FREE

roRadio – A Romanian app with European music stations.  FREE

iHeartRadio – Similar to Pandora, with added ability to listen to local radio stations.  FREE

Fandango – A movie app containing local showtimes, reviews, and trailers.  FREE

Into_Now – If you’re watching a movie or tv show but don’t know what you’re watching, this app will ‘listen’ and tell you what you’ve got on the tube.  FREE

Shazam – Similar to Into_Now but for music.  Only works for recorded music/radio.  Live concerts, your best impersonation of Madonna, and humming along to a tune will not work.  FREE

White Noise – This app is great to lullaby babies, relax after work, or drown out annoying sounds around you.  Choose from selected sounds such as thunder, ocean, heartbeat, cat purring, and many more.  You can create custom sound mixes (my fave is car rain/rain storm).  I have a hard time falling asleep and this app helps me so much.  $1.99

Voice Memos – A voice memo recording app that comes with the iPhone.  Cannot be removed.  FREE

Hope this was helpful, check back tomorrow for some great basic reference apps!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fave iPhone Apps Day 1

I got a couple requests to do a post on my favorite iPhone apps.  I have alot of apps, so I will do 4 posts this week on them - hopefully you find this information useful.  Maybe some of them apply to BlackBerry and Android, but I can't say for sure.  I organized them into categories to make it easier for you to pick out what you like!  A * will denote my favorites.

Here's a shot of my main page (with my Bostons in the background): 

You will notice that it looks almost the same as the original iPhone screen, but I have moved the "stocks" and "voice memo" apps elsewhere (anything original apps cannot be deleted).  In their place I put Twitter and Facebook, natch.

My next page looks like this:

All nicely organized into folders by topic.  Within each folder, I keep the most similar type apps near each other.  Hang on, here we go!

First folder: Art & Photo

Photobucket - Pretty sure you all know about this, an app to upload and manage photo albums. FREE
PS Express - Adobe's Photoshop Express app, use to edit iPhone photos. FREE
Instagram - Sharing your photos with others. FREE
CropForFree - The name says it all, a quick crop to your iPhone photos. FREE
CraftFinder - Need a quick craft to occupy the kiddos?  This is the app for you!  Select age: toddler, preschool, school age, tween, or any age.  Then select the amount of time you have: 30 min, 1 hour, 1+ hour, 2 hours, 2+ hours, or any time.  Then select the occasion: New Years, Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Spring, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Summer, 4th of July, Back to School, Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Christmas, or any occasion.  Then "show matching crafts" and you'll be good to go! FREE
DoodleBuddy - This is like Microsoft Paint for your iPhone.  Good to occupy kids while at the DMV. FREE
SketchBookX - Similar to DoodleBuddy, but more advanced lines, a more mature look.  FREE
Glue Guide - Want to know what glue to use?  Elmer's Glue Guide will help you.  Just match up the two surfaces you are trying to adhere together and it will give you the right glue to use.  FREE
Behr - This app allows you to explore Behr's paints, match paint colors to your photo, and preview what the colors could look like on a wall template.  FREE
*Pinterest - SURELY you all know what this is!  This app is a mobile version of Pinterest.  If you don't know what Pinterest is, it is a virtual 'pinboard' where you can 'pin' your interests.  You can follow me on Pinterest - just click the link on the right sidebar!  FREE {however, you must be given an invite to Pinterest to join}


*Crock-Pot - Yummy crock pot recipes, lets you search top recipes, seasonal, course, ingredient, quart size, and more. FREE
AllRecipes - mobile app, lets you both search and 'spin' for recipes. FREE
Epicurious - Epicurious mobile app that lets you search for recipes in a variety of ways.  You can even tell the app 'I can barely cook' or 'I cook like a pro'.  FREE
Food Network - Food Network's mobile app, lets you check our their show line up, photos from the shows, recipes, tv schedule and more.  FREE
*Urbanspoon - Search for restaurants in an area by city, type of food, and price.  Press 'shake' and it will find something for you!  FREE
Whole Foods - Whole Foods mobile app, lets you look for recipes using wholesome ingredients.  Each recipe denotes whether it's Dairy Free, Fat Free, Gluten Free, High Fiber, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Sugar Concious, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Wheat Free.  FREE
*WF Missions - Whole Foods Missions, a super cool app that will inspire you to try new foods/recipes based on 'missions' that you complete to earn a 'badge'.  This app is very cool; I've completed several missions already with names like "Nutty Ninja" and "Lettuce 101".  The downside is that many foods on the list may be unavailable if you are in a rural area or far from a large city with a Whole Foods store.  FREE
Simply Organic - Organic recipes.  FREE
Starbucks - Lets you see Starbucks' current menu with calorie counts, as well as letting you create your own custom drinks.  Will also let you scan from your phone to remove money from your Starbucks card.  FREE
Kroger Co. - A coupon app for Kroger and other select related brands.  FREE


Lose It! - An app designed to help you track your calorie intake so you can lose weight, similar to Weight Watchers, but only logging calories, not points.  FREE
Target Weight - Tracks your weight loss as well as BMI.  FREE
iFitness - Gives you a series of workouts based on muscle/body part.  Custom workouts and routines, logs, and more.  $1.99
*C25K - This app is designed to help you get from the couch to running a 5K (3.1 miles) in 8 weeks.  I don't think it's coming from the 'couch' per se, more like someone who is somewhat fit already and ready to take on an aerobic challenge.  Although people have done it, so maybe I just hate running so much I've convinced myself that I can't do it in 8 weeks.  Can work in conjunction with your iPod.  $2.99
*Nike + iPod - This app works in conjunction with Nike + shoes (the ones with the little sensor you insert into the sole to track your workout).  Gives you workout options to track your performance - basic (an open ended workout), time goal, distance goal, and calorie goal.  FREE {get some more details here: Nike + there's a short vid on the right that gives you great info.  Note: an additional investment of Nike shoes and/or other equipment required.}
Denise Austin Fitness - Provides tips, exercises, workouts, recipes, and guides.  FREE
Yoga - Yoga poses on the go.  FREE
*Strava - Tracks your bike ride in distance, time, and average speed.  Can be used in conjunction with iPod.  FREE
*Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder - This app is cool for outdoor lovers.  Find parks near you, or in an area you may be vacationing.  Find which parks have activities you're interested in, such as bird watching, boating, climbing, horseback riding, RVing, and much more.  FREE
All Trails - Trails near you to bike, hike, or walk.  FREE
Nike Women Training Club - This app gives you training tips for women, and I like to use it for mini workouts during commercials.  Worth a try.  FREE
*P Tracker Deluxe - Hopefully this isn't TMI, but this is a great period tracker.  It tracks your cycle for you based on your input.  You can track your moods and symptoms (acne, backache, etc.).  If you are TTC, you can also track, well, when you tried! $2.99 {There is also a free version.}

I hope this was helpful for you, stay tuned this week for the rest of my apps.  If you have questions about any of the apps in this post, or maybe another app you've heard of, let me know!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Putting to Work: My September Garage Sale Stamp Haul

I shared this haul of stamps from a garage sale last week:

And I quickly put them to work!

This was using the camera stamp, which I inked up with Archival black ink.  The {Picture Perfect} was a seperate stamp, which I inked with embossing ink and white powder.  I also used Archival black ink to ink up the separate letters for the me + you.  I put Glossy Accents in the center area to make it look like a lens.  Two separate circle punches created the lens rim, which I put foam stickers to make it pop out (sorry that you can't see it, but trust me, it looks so cool in person!)  I also added a clear gem and some black stickles for a bit of texture on the camera.

This one has kind of a vintage sort of feel to it, like some sort of 60s print in the paper.  I used this ribbon that I thought was kind of ugly, but it actually works here.  I'm really loving those two stamped leaves that were from a new Inkadinkado set that I scored from Marshalls (yes you read that right, Marshalls, not Michaels) for $1.99.  I punched a circle and used emboss gold powder for the word stamp.  A couple of gold pearlized pins (stuck in the 3D foam stickers to make it stay), and a flower and done!

The background on this card was stamped with Archival Brilliance ink in a shimmery blue with another piece from the Inkadinkado set.  I stamped a bird on to pale yellow cardstock, colored it in and jazzed up with some stickles.  If you can't read the stamp, it says "Some people pass through this world and leave it just as they found it...But people like you take the time to do the special things that make the world more Beautiful".

Another saying stamp "Life's moments are so precious...God gives them only One at time!"  Thank God for that, eh?  The background layer is kraft paper with Vintage Photo Distress Ink images stamped from 7Gypsies' Steampunk set.  The stopwatch in the lower right corner was cut out, then glossy accents in the center and stickles to outline.  A couple of metal clock pieces and a strip of lace from my friend's stash completed this card.

This card was so easy to do, but such an impact!  The center was one stamped image.  I used chalk to color after I had stamped it with Archival black ink.  The pearls are strung, cut to size, then glued down with glossy accents.  The center of the petunia is embellished with Martha Stewart Microbeads.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoy making them!  The {Picture Perfect} card and a couple of others that I haven't shown yet have sold [yay!].  I will post those soon :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Would You Buy It Wednesday?

(Yes, I know it's Thursday)

But that's okay because I have until Sunday at midnight to post my
"Would You Buy It Wednesday" on Junker Newbie's Blog!

This is my item:

My husband found this curio at a garage sale for $25.  He text me this picture and I asked him if he bought it.  He said no, and I said well what are you waiting on?  He went back up there and said it was sold, and I was devastated.  Then he came home with it and said just kidding.

He's lucky I really, really love him.

Here's the inside, sorry for bad picture quality; these were taken in a very cramped garage.

These pictures actually make the unit look much better than what it looks like in person.  The glass on the top cabinets was actually some cheap type of plastic that was cracked.  The paint doesn't look anything like this, it is very chipped and faded.  The drawer bottoms and top piece to the entire unit are cracked, badly enough to be replaced.  And the fixtures are just plain oog-ly.

So I guess the question isn't really "would you buy it", because despite all it's flaws I think it's a great purchase.  My husband already sanded it down for me and cut new boards for the top and drawers (and I didn't even ask!  Makes up for him messing with me about not buying it in the first place, eh?), and his dad bought me some new glass panes for the top cupboard.

My question is really "what color should I paint it"?  Because I'm really having a hard time.  I like the white, but is that too boring?  I'm thinking about trying ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint), but should I try a smaller project with that as I haven't used it before?  And if I did ASCP, what color?

Please help!  I'd love to hear what you would do with this great find!

PS - Go check out Junker Newbie's "Would You Buy It Wednesday".  She does it well, every Wednesday to feature your projects out there that you have bought or were thinking about buying.  Want to know if others would pay what you paid?  Maybe you got a great deal or maybe paid a tad too much - find out with her linky party!

Friday, September 9, 2011

August Card Wrap Up

The madness around my box filled apartment continues, so here's some cards from August.  Enjoy!

I made this one with my niece in mind, it totally makes me think of her (love you Evie!)

This may look familiar to you; I've used this main stamp before and just cut the individual images out.  I didn't really know what I was going for, but I think it works how it turned out.

This one was kind of crazy, wrestling with that crazy ribbon.  But it turned out really cute, and it is SO sparkly and shiny IRL.

This was one of my favorite August cards, I just love Chipped Sapphire Distress Ink.

This was a quick card, embossed music in the back with a piano 3D sticker from Jolee's Boutique that I didn't really have any other use for.  The inside says "A friend like you is music to my ears".

Here's another crazy one that just kind of came together; a weird sort of twist on Halloween.

I love gray, so it was fun to do this tone on tone with just a bit of bling.

I think this wraps up the August cards, so moving on to September!

Last night was my last 'crafty crap' night with my BFF. 
There are no words to say how much I will miss her.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Garage Sales in Grass Lake (and other finds)

Hooray for garage sales (or yard, or tag, or estate, or um, any sale really)!

Here's some of my latest finds:

Found this spinning craft caddy at St. Vincent de Paul for $5.  I have one just like it below, and was looking for another one.  I did a happy dance when I saw it.

I have an OCD type obession with Distress Inks.  And labeling.

Aren't all those ribbons visually pleasing?
Here's some mistinted paint from Sherwin Williams.  2 qts for $4 total (The guy said these would have cost $40 off the shelf)

A whole bunch of stuff! A spice rack for $2 and 3 glass canisters for .50 each (I plan on painting them and filling them with crafty crap), some styrofoam balls for $1, a free 12 cup coffee pot that was hardly used (thanks mom and dad), a bottle of Chanel Chance eau tendre perfume for $5 from my friend Nicki's garage sale (thanks Nicki), a bottle of some old Avon perfume in carnival glass for .25 (to be smashed and used in a future mosaic), and some Martha Stewart ribbon for .10.

A whole crapload of envelopes in various shapes and sizes from a Craigslist ad for $15

3 trays, 1 sewing pattern, and 14 stamps for $20 at a garage sale

So grand total = $53.85

Have you found any good deals lately?