Friday, September 9, 2011

August Card Wrap Up

The madness around my box filled apartment continues, so here's some cards from August.  Enjoy!

I made this one with my niece in mind, it totally makes me think of her (love you Evie!)

This may look familiar to you; I've used this main stamp before and just cut the individual images out.  I didn't really know what I was going for, but I think it works how it turned out.

This one was kind of crazy, wrestling with that crazy ribbon.  But it turned out really cute, and it is SO sparkly and shiny IRL.

This was one of my favorite August cards, I just love Chipped Sapphire Distress Ink.

This was a quick card, embossed music in the back with a piano 3D sticker from Jolee's Boutique that I didn't really have any other use for.  The inside says "A friend like you is music to my ears".

Here's another crazy one that just kind of came together; a weird sort of twist on Halloween.

I love gray, so it was fun to do this tone on tone with just a bit of bling.

I think this wraps up the August cards, so moving on to September!

Last night was my last 'crafty crap' night with my BFF. 
There are no words to say how much I will miss her.


  1. i think my 7 year old daughter would be great at card making... music i know, crafting not so much. she likes making cards for grandparents and cousins for special days. do you know of a simple kit that might be a good starting point for her?

  2. Oh my goodness your cards are gorgeous! So talented:)

  3. @sandi

    Hi Sandi,

    I was going over my comments, and I guess the one I sent to you and Sarah of Three Boys didn't save, so sorry about that! Didn't want you to think I was ignoring you! I don't know of a kit per se, as I have built up my supplies over time. A good basic start would be to buy a box of plain cards, and just start adding on with whatever supplies you have - crayons, markers, inks, stickers, etc. Just add and continue to get better as you go on! Hope that's helpful, and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting :-)

  4. @Sarah, Three Boys

    Hi Sarah,

    My comment to you didn't save either!? Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and glad you like my cards. It makes me very happy to know that other people enjoy them too! :-D


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