Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fave iPhone Apps Day 2

If you missed yesterday's post on my iPhone apps, click here to check out arts/photo apps, food apps, and health/exercise apps.  I'm continuing this series by request, so here's today's set of apps.  A * will denote my favorites

{I love language, so this folder probably doesn't apply to most people, but you can check it out anyway :-) }

Arabic Alpha – Arabic alphabet flashcards and soundbytes.  FREE

Pleco – Chinese (Mandarin)/English dictionary.  You can also find words that you would see on street signs, etc. and enter them to find out what they mean.  FREE

Russian Alpha – Russian alphabet flashcards and soundbytes.  FREE

Emoji Icons – Additional smiley faces and small icons for use in iPhone conversations and select games.  $0.99

*Google Translate – Translates from one language to another.  You can speak into it in some languages.  Some languages also can speak the translation.  FREE

Skype – Skype’s mobile app for free calling and videochats.  Must have app open to receive calls.  FREE

Money and Business

*Groupon – This is one of my favorite apps.  For those not familiar with Groupon, it is a service that provides deals for shops, restaurants, services, events, etc. within your local metropolitan area.  Today’s example for Knoxville is “$29 for Manicure and Pedicure ($58 Value)”.   There is one main deal per day, often with other deals listed below it.  Most Groupons are available for one day only, from midnight to midnight.  There are some catches; however, in that the deal must have “tipped” (meaning a certain number of people must purchase it before it actually becomes available), it is limited in number (meaning it has the potential to sell out), and it must be used within a certain period of time.  You can Share the Deal with your friends on Twitter/FB/email/text.  Groupon will store your credit card information securely so you can buy quickly on the go.  FREE

Bills – Tracks your bills that you enter with your account info.  Get emails on when your bills are due and how much you owe.  FREE

*Debt Free – A great app that tracks your current debt and helps you focus on how to “snowball” it to pay it off.  This app has really helped me keep track of our debt.  $1.99

*Ask Dave – Dave Ramsey’s mobile app, answers common financial questions from the following topics: insurance, relationships, marriage, career, debt, debt free, investing, college, automobiles, estate planning, kids & money, budgeting, small business, mortgage, and more.  Read the original caller’s question and Dave’s answer, or listen to the audio of the actual call (to Dave Ramsey’s radio show).  FREE

*Converter+ - A handy app that converts currency, length-distance, temperature, volume-capacity, weight-mass, tip calculator, mortgage calculator.  FREE

Pic2Shop Barcode scanner, provides ability to scan and compare prices online.  FREE

ATTScanner – AT&T’s QR Code reader.  QR Codes are square codes that once scanned, bring you to a webpage that provides more information about the item scanned.  FREE

Stocks – A stocks app that comes with the iPhone.  Cannot be removed.  FREE

*Square – This app is a MUST HAVE for small business owners that want to turn their iPhone (or iPad) into a credit card reader.   Sign up with Square and they will send you a free card reader that plugs into the headphone jack.  They charge a 2.75% fee per transaction.  FREE

Go Daddy – Go Daddy’s mobile app to manage your domain on the go.  FREE

ScanBizCards – This app is great for those who lose business cards they collect from meetings, shows, and other miscellaneous events.  Cards can be merged into iPhone contacts.  $6.99

HP ePrint – HP’s mobile wireless printing app to print on the go.  FREE


Pandora – Pandora’s mobile app to listen to genre or custom music stations.  FREE

roRadio – A Romanian app with European music stations.  FREE

iHeartRadio – Similar to Pandora, with added ability to listen to local radio stations.  FREE

Fandango – A movie app containing local showtimes, reviews, and trailers.  FREE

Into_Now – If you’re watching a movie or tv show but don’t know what you’re watching, this app will ‘listen’ and tell you what you’ve got on the tube.  FREE

Shazam – Similar to Into_Now but for music.  Only works for recorded music/radio.  Live concerts, your best impersonation of Madonna, and humming along to a tune will not work.  FREE

White Noise – This app is great to lullaby babies, relax after work, or drown out annoying sounds around you.  Choose from selected sounds such as thunder, ocean, heartbeat, cat purring, and many more.  You can create custom sound mixes (my fave is car rain/rain storm).  I have a hard time falling asleep and this app helps me so much.  $1.99

Voice Memos – A voice memo recording app that comes with the iPhone.  Cannot be removed.  FREE

Hope this was helpful, check back tomorrow for some great basic reference apps!


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