Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fave iPhone Apps Day 3

This post was at the request of some who were interested in the apps I have on my iPhone. If you missed the past two posts, I talked about Art/Photography, Food, and Health apps here, and I talked about Language, Money, and Music apps here.
Today's iPhone apps are reference. What does that mean? Keep reading and find out! As previous, a * will denote my favorites.
Reference {Folder 1}
Many of these are rather random, and I only use most of them when I get bored. But many are excellent references, so I keep them around.
Jesus – An app based on sharing the Christian faith with others. FREE
*Bible – The Holy Bible in many versions and languages, as presented by YouVersion. I use this app all the time when I need to look up a verse or when I don’t have my Bible with me. FREE
Constitution – Ever need to know the Articles, Amendments, and signers of the American Constitution? This is the app for you. FREE
Presidents – Flashcards and quiz on US Presidents. FREE
*PeopleKey – This app is designed my by fabulous sister. She is a communications consultant who helps professionals communicate more effectively with one another. This app will help you deal with all kinds of difficult people. Click on the behavior exhibited by the difficult people in your life, and the app will tell you: reasons why they may be behaving this way, potential problems their behavior may cause, solution suggestions to cope, things you can say to work with the person, and things to avoid saying. Categories of behavior include: Confrontational, Annoying, Hurtful, Loud, Quiet, and Harmless. This app is worth every penny to help you improve your interactions with others. $9.99
TCT Lite – An app showcasing the Periodic Table of Elements. FREE
Planets – A fun app to take with you stargazing, views in 2D and 3D. FREE
*Wikipedia – Wikipedia’s mobile app, an online encyclopedia. FREE
IMDb – International Movie Database of movies and TV. FREE
EWG – Environmental Working Group’s guide to sunscreen. This app tells you the best sunscreen based on ingredients (which are unregulated by the FDA). It’s kind of a one trick pony app; once you find your sunscreen you don’t really need it anymore, but I still wanted to share it with you. FREE
Dirty Dozen – Environmental Working Group’s guide to the worst fruits and vegetables (based on absorbed pesticides), and therefore should be bought organic if possible. Also shows the “Clean 15”, which are the least contaminated fruits and veggies. FREE
Factbook – Search this database for information on the world’s countries such as geography, people, government, economy, maps, flags, and more. $0.99
Reference {Folder 2}
Yellow Pages – Yellow Pages’ mobile app to locate businesses (I haven’t used a paper Yellow Pages in forever). FREE
White Pages – White Page’s mobile app to locate people and reverse phone search. FREE
Dog Parks – Powered by dogparkusa, this app helps you search for dog parks in your local area for you and your furry friend to enjoy. FREE
USPS Mobile – United States Postal Service’s app allows you to track mail, find zip codes, get prices and more. FREE – Kelley Blue Book’s mobile app allows you to check out new and used car prices, how much you can sell your car for, and more. FREE – Can’t get enough of House Hunters on HGTV or just want to do some real house hunting yourself? This app will help you narrow down the available pool of homes based on your query. FREE – Similar to, also useful for getting a bird’s eye satellite view on the neighborhood. FREE
iRecycle – App that helps you figure out how and where to recycle just about anything. FREE
WebMD – Need an app to tell you have anything from the common cold to a strange serious disease? Insert your symptoms and find out what malady you have. FREE
*The Weather Channel – The iPhone comes with a basic weather app, but TWC app is much better and usually more accurate. FREE
*APPZILLA – This app has just about everything. It would take me forever to list all the apps that are within this mega-app. Worth a dollar, anyway. $0.99
*Days Until – Countdown app to your next event. Mine currently has Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas countdowns. FREE
Check back tomorrow for the fun apps - GAMES! I'll have lots of games from the big ones like Angry Birds, to some you may haven't heard of that are worth a look!


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