Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fave iPhone Apps Day 4

This post was supposed to go out on Friday (which is fun day!) but I had no internet access. Get a jump start on this Friday with some great games to keep you (or maybe some little ones) occupied for awhile!  Check out my first post in this mini series on Art & Photo, Food, and Health Apps, the second post on Language, Money, and Music Apps, and the third post on Reference Related Apps.  A * will denote my favorites. 
Puzzle and Word Games
*Words With Friends Free – This is basically Scrabble.  I’ve been playing this with a girl in another state for almost two years now, game after game.  One of my favorites.  FREE
*Hanging With Friends Free – This is basically Hangman.  I don’t like it as much as WWF, but I still play it every day (with the same girl as WWF).  FREE
Word Warp – Unscramble the letters to make words.  Only way to advance to next level is to guess 6 letter word.  FREE
Bejeweled – Many people are familiar with this game, I used to play it like crazy on my Palm Treo.  Simply match 3 similar jewels in a row.  $0.99
Tetris – If you don’t know what this game is, I’m not sure where you’ve been since 1984.  $2.99
Moonlight Lite – Also known as Taipei, the game of matching stacked tiles to clear your screen.  Kid friendly.  FREE
TanZen – Remember Tangrams as a kid?  This game has lots of geometric shapes to test your ability.  Kid friendly.  $0.99
Sudoku – The latest craze since the crossword puzzle, this game is based on 9 boxes with 9 squares inside, each numbering 1-9 with no repeating number in each box and each row.  FREE
Physics – This is a challenging series of mini games based on physics, with each level getting progressively harder.  This one’s not really kid friendly due to complexity (many puzzles I haven’t solved yet myself!) $0.99
CoAtlantis – Similar to Bejeweled, but actually even better; within the matching of the jewels you are trying to find pieces to a puzzle which will lead you through a map of the ancient world.  Addicting!  Early levels are good for kids, but successive levels may prove too difficult.  $0.99
Scramble – Connect the letters to form a word, letters must be touching.  OK for older kids.  FREE
Tap Games {all great for school age kids unless otherwise noted}

TradeNations – Build your own little medieval village.  Uses real-time**.  FREE
Tap Store – Maintain your own store, picking what clothes you want to sell.  Uses real-time.  FREE
Tap Resort – Maintain your own resort.  Uses real-time.  FREE
Tap Zoo – Maintain your own zoo.  Uses real-time.  FREE
Tap Fish – Maintain your own fish tank.  Uses real-time.  (not shown above) FREE
Tap Shark – Maintain your own shark tank.  Uses real-time. (not shown above)  FREE
*Angry Birds – The ubiquitous game of launching birds that are angry into green pigs.  Different birds have different capabilities when you tap them mid-flight, for example:  little blue birds turn into three birds to hit pigs at different angles, yellow birds can hit pigs with harder force, white birds can drop “egg bombs”, black birds turn into bombs.  $0.99
*Cut the Rope – Feed the cute monster candy by cutting the rope – but beware, lots of obstacles from spiders to electric wires stand in your way.  Successive levels may prove difficult.  $0.99
*Sally’s Salon – An addictive game where you maintain your salon and customers.  (If you like this, then get Sally’s Spa) $2.99
Pizza Shop Mania – Giving you the short version, you make pizza with requested toppings for various types of customers.  Along the same line as Cake Mania, etc.  $0.99
Oregon Trail – Not quite as good as the old school game that you played as a 1st grader in the 90’s, but still decent.  Download just for nostalgia factor and try not to die of dysentery.  $0.99
*DoodleJump – Another addictive well known game with a simple concept: jump from platform to platform avoiding fake platforms and bad guys.  $0.99
*Tiny Chef – Maintain your own restaurant.  Uses real-time.  FREE
Cooking Academy – “Cook” food based on direction from the head chef.  Use your finger to trace lines, which will chop, fold, knead, and grab ingredients.  Good for kids with good hand-eye coordination, otherwise they may quickly become frustrated due to the time constraint the game enforces.  FREE
** Uses real-time means that elements of the game are dependent on time in the real world.   E.g., you may not be able to use an item in a game until 4 hours ‘in the real world’ have gone by.  So if it’s 2PM in the real world, you will not be able to access that item until 6PM.
Card, Board, and other Games
*Original Gangstaz – Ok this one is super embarrassing and can’t even believe I’m talking about it, but it’s honestly a super addicting game even if it isn’t really appropriate (for anyone, really).  The opening image is especially offensive, but I can’t help it.  Pick a color, Blue or Red and join the gang.  Complete “jobs” such as ‘snitch elimination’ and ‘steal cop cars’.  Play the lotto for weapons and cash.  Fight opposing gang members and bosses.  Operate slums to earn more cash.  I seriously can’t believe I’m writing about this.  So.  Embarrassing.  Uses real-time.  Not friendly to anyone.  FREE
Chess Free – Chess.  For free.  FREE
Dots Free – Connect the dots to make boxes.  Most boxes completed wins.  Kid friendly.  FREE
Game of Life – The board game Life in iPhone app form.  Very kid friendly.  $0.99
Monopoly – The board game Monopoly in iPhone app form.  $0.99
*FreeCell – A form of solitaire.  FREE
*Solitaire – Original solitaire.  FREE
Live Poker – Texas Hold ‘Em Poker with other online players.  FREE
Game Center – Games app that comes with the iPhone.  See your stats based on game apps you have compared to everyone else in the world who has the same games.  Cannot be removed.  FREE
Mancala – An African game with the goal to capture the most marbles from the pits in the board.  Kid friendly.  FREE
Yahtzee! – Yahtzee in iPhone app form.  $0.99

Hope I gave you some insight to some games on the iPhone.  If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to ask.  Have fun playing!


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