Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fave iPhone Apps Day 5

Bonus day of apps!  Sick of me and all my crazy iPhone apps, or begging for more? 

Day 1 - Art & Photo, Food, Health Apps
Day 2 - Language, Money & Business, Music Apps
Day 3 - Reference Apps
Day 4 - Game Apps

Here’s some apps for the fashionable jet setter:
*PocketCloset – This is a great app to record all of your clothes and create outfits on the go.  I have my entire wardrobe in this app complete with photos.  Great to have, may count as evidence for insurance purposes.  Downside: it takes FOREVER to input all your clothing, especially once you add in shoes and accessories.  $0.99
ShopStyle – An app to check out all the fun clothes and accessories you can’t afford.  FREE
*Point Inside – Need to know where a particular store is in the mall?  This app will show you.  Also handy if you’re shopping away from home and aren’t familiar with another area’s local mall.  FREE
Amazon – Amazon’s mobile app.  Add to your wish list on the go.  FREE
Target – Target’s mobile app.  Check out the weekly sales.  FREE
Sephora – Sephora’s mobile app.  Shop, check out makeup reviews, see new products and get beauty advice.  FREE
OPI – Want to find that perfect shade of nail polish?  OPI saves the day.  FREE
Craigsphone – Craigslist’s mobile app.   Browse the listings for your next deal.  FREE
eBay – eBay’s mobile app.  Stalk auctions when you’re out and about.  FREE

Travel – Find a hotel quickly with this app.  FREE
*Trip Advisor – Get advice on hotels and attractions.  FREE
Explore USA -  Rand McNally’s mobile app provides photos, videos, quizzes, and more about the ‘daily place’.  FREE
*Geocaching – This is a fun app, and has a lot for a free version.  Geocaching is like a scavenger hunt, where you are searching for an item based on its geographic location.  The app will automatically show you three items to hunt for (called geocaches) that are immediately nearby.  Choose one and the app will tell you how difficult it is to find, the type of terrain in the area where it’s located, and the size of the geocache.  Below, a summary is provided along with a description (clue).  Press “Let’s Go!” and the app will connect with the compass and show you where on the map the geocache is located.  I usually drive or bike to get within 0.2 miles from a geocache, then walk the rest of the way.  You will head toward the green icon on the map, and your location is represented by a blue dot.  Keep your eyes open and bring a pen to sign the log of finders you will find inside the geocache.  My first geocache was found in a tree in a cemetery.  Have fun!  FREE
Compass – Compass app that comes with the iPhone.  Cannot be removed.  FREE
*Google Earth – Satellite view app great for stalking your neighbors.  Just kidding!  Get a bird’s eye view on anything on the planet.  FREE
AAA Roadside – If your car insurance is AAA, this app will be handy.  Request road service, find a rental car, and find a repair shop nearby.  FREE

Hope you enjoyed today’s BONUS set of apps!  Come back next week for the regularly scheduled program of crafty crap!


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