Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pretty Handy Girl Interview

So I've got some help from the lovely Brittany AKA Pretty Handy Girl to help make things less insane.  Today she is my guest interviewee, and I can't wait to share her with you!  If you aren't familiar with Pretty Handy Girl, she is an amazing blogger who empowers others to complete their own DIY project.  If you are familiar, read on to learn some interesting things about her!

(PG is Pearl Gateway and PHG is Pretty Handy Girl.  Darn it these acronyms are too close lol!)

PG: Describe yourself in 5 words, "pretty" "handy" and "girl" don't count - lol!

PHG: Creative, caring, persistent, problem-solver, artist
PG: What would you say you are the most "handy" at?
PHG: It is really hard to choose one thing. But, I think I would have to say I am most "handy" or proficient at painting. It is the one skill that I never have to second guess or research about. I can just pick up a brush and paint. Nothing is safe in my home from a painting whim.
PG: What has been your ultimate favorite project?
PHG: This is a toss up. I really enjoyed the outcome of my mudroom bench:
I also really enjoyed building my son's closet reading nook. It was actually built over a weekend when my husband took the boys camping. I had all that time to myself, I could have treated myself to a pedicure or a massage, but no, I spent 3 days working on his closet:
PG: If you could only have one tool, what would it be and why?
PHG: This is easy! My Ryobi Lithium cordless drill. I love that tool:
 PG: If someone gave you $1,000 right now, what would you spend it on?
PHG: Lowe's gift cards. Just so I have the cash at hand when I have my next DIY brainstorm. ;-D
PG: You're pretty handy around the house; are there any "girly" craft hobbies you enjoy?
PHG: I love to sew and craft with the kids. My crafting supplies take up a whole storage shelving unit in the attic. The only crafting projects I never really got into was scrapbooking. But, I have plenty of scrapbook decorative sheets for projects:
PG: Best mid-project snack attack cure?
PHG: Chocolate, chocolate milkshake, chocolate chip cookies. Do you see a recurring theme here?ANYTHING chocolate!
PG: What helps you keep your blogging consistent?
PHG: I love it! I wake up in the morning and can't wait to read comments from my readers. I lie awake late at night thinking of new projects to share. I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can empower my readers to try their hand at a DIY project. For me it is a passion and an extension of myself. I always enjoy giving back to others, and I am amazed at home many people have signed up to receive my posts. Giving back to so many people (readers) fills me with great joy.
PG: What has been your favorite blogging experience so far?
PHG: I think Blissdom would have to be my top pick. Being in one location with so many other talented women who understood my passion for blogging. It was like being in a room of hundreds of kindred spirits. I'm especially looking forward to Haven 2012, because all the women there will be passionate about home decor and design. Blissdom had a wider audience (mommy bloggers, coupon bloggers, and more.)
PG: Best advice anyone ever gave you?
PHG: Start as you mean to go on. When I started the blog, I began with the anticipation that it would be big one day. That may sound conceited, so let me explain. I honestly never believed that my blog would grow as much as it has. But, when I started, I made the decision right away not to use my last name and not to share photos of my children. I also always try to maintain a level of professionalism which I think has attracted product review opportunities and sponsorships.

Other than that, my dad didn't give me the words exactly, but he instilled a belief that I could do anything I put my mind to. He showed me how to change the oil in the family car, how to wire an outlet and many other things that would be considered appropriate to teach your "son". I really value all these lessons and that he treated me as a person, not just a "girl".
Thank you so much Brittany for taking the time to interview with me! 
Okay readers, go get empowered!  Head over to - I guarantee that she can teach, inspire, and encourage you to complete your DIY project!
{All photos courtesy of PHG}


  1. Great interview! Perfect questions! PHG teaches not only you lassies but us laddies as well who didn't learn all the 'guy' stuff growing up.

  2. Kristina So glad that Brittany pointed me in your direction! She is such an inspiration & I know I'm going to enjoy your blog as well. I'm confident I became a regular reader when I saw the pictures of Ella!:) Best Wishes w/ your upcoming move, you're going to love Tennessee!

  3. @Donald's Garden

    Thanks Donald, glad you enjoyed my questions; I had fun thinking up fun things to ask, and I knew PHG would have some great answers.

  4. @Janice

    Thanks Janice, I'm happy Brittany did too, isn't she the greatest? Ella is getting so big (maybe 5 lbs? lol!) Thanks for the well wishes, I think we will love the adventure!

  5. Hey, I just saw this! Great interview. I enjoyed it and I think I first stumbled upon PHG when I saw her mudroom bench tutorial. I was hooked after that!

  6. What a great interview! Brittany is definitely one of my inspirations - she's an amazing DIYer and she is "pretty handy"!

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  7. @Debbie aka Mrs. DP3


    So glad you liked the interview, she's fab isn't she?

  8. @SAS Interiors

    Hi Jenna,

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview too. Brittany is amazing, she has great vision and know how!


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