Thursday, September 15, 2011

Would You Buy It Wednesday?

(Yes, I know it's Thursday)

But that's okay because I have until Sunday at midnight to post my
"Would You Buy It Wednesday" on Junker Newbie's Blog!

This is my item:

My husband found this curio at a garage sale for $25.  He text me this picture and I asked him if he bought it.  He said no, and I said well what are you waiting on?  He went back up there and said it was sold, and I was devastated.  Then he came home with it and said just kidding.

He's lucky I really, really love him.

Here's the inside, sorry for bad picture quality; these were taken in a very cramped garage.

These pictures actually make the unit look much better than what it looks like in person.  The glass on the top cabinets was actually some cheap type of plastic that was cracked.  The paint doesn't look anything like this, it is very chipped and faded.  The drawer bottoms and top piece to the entire unit are cracked, badly enough to be replaced.  And the fixtures are just plain oog-ly.

So I guess the question isn't really "would you buy it", because despite all it's flaws I think it's a great purchase.  My husband already sanded it down for me and cut new boards for the top and drawers (and I didn't even ask!  Makes up for him messing with me about not buying it in the first place, eh?), and his dad bought me some new glass panes for the top cupboard.

My question is really "what color should I paint it"?  Because I'm really having a hard time.  I like the white, but is that too boring?  I'm thinking about trying ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint), but should I try a smaller project with that as I haven't used it before?  And if I did ASCP, what color?

Please help!  I'd love to hear what you would do with this great find!

PS - Go check out Junker Newbie's "Would You Buy It Wednesday".  She does it well, every Wednesday to feature your projects out there that you have bought or were thinking about buying.  Want to know if others would pay what you paid?  Maybe you got a great deal or maybe paid a tad too much - find out with her linky party!


  1. I love this great find! And for $25? I love the ASCP idea--I have been using it for a few months now and I find it very easy to work with. You should jump right in and try it on this fabulous piece! I would probably go with the Old White it it were going in my home, but there are great new taupe-y colors that just came out too! And for a bold look, you cannot beat Aubusson Blue! :)

  2. @Erin

    Thanks Erin for your thoughts! I was considering Old White also. And maybe Louis Blue with some dark wax to tone it down? I have the hardest time deciding on paint colors.

  3. Love it would paint it up black add chicken wire and use it for my treasures!!!!

  4. @imsteelefullofscrap

    Wow, black and chicken wire - that's a pretty bold choice! Thanks for your input!

  5. I would have bought this for sure. It is gorgeous even in its shabby state. I would paint it red with some black accents! Yep and in my kitchen with lots of vintage items and Roosters. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Oh and you have a pretty good husband even if he did mess with you LOL!! hugs, Linda

  6. @Linda @ A La Carte

    Thanks Linda! My mom said today that she is giving me some crystal, so I think I will put my new collection on display in the curio. And maybe throw in some vintage items too :-)

  7. The piece has great bones. It was a good buy. If you are going to display glass in it you may want to paint at least the inside in a bright color so the glass will stand out.

  8. @Stella

    Thanks Stella, I'm considering doing a bold color, but not sure of what yet. Gosh it takes me forever to think of what I want to paint something! What color would you do??


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