Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sets or Individual?

As I continue to make cards in hopes that I will finally get the courage to be a vendor at a craft show, I keep wondering what will be a better seller - individual cards or sets of 4 cards.  Previously I had a wonderful opportunity to sell my cards and tags at a cute boutique in Dearborn, Michigan.  Now that I have moved, I don't have that same opportunity but am now on the lookout for something similar.  I have in the past always sold my cards for $3.50 each, which I think is a fair price (shoot, sometimes it seems as if it costs $3.50 to make it!  Sob!).  Now I would like to sell some sets; of themed images, holidays, or color schemes.

My first set was of a bird stamp set by Martha Stewart, click here to check those out.

My second set was a little more recent, you may remember the "map set" I did here.

Now these two sets are both priced at $10, which is an even better deal.  As I mentioned earlier, I sell 1 card for $3.50, or 3 cards for $10 (savings of $0.50).  With a set of 4 cards at $10, they save $4.

Here is my most recent set, a color theme designed to be sent to a friend {just because}:

Here is the second set, a Christmas theme:

The second set I am leaning towards selling it for $12 (still a savings of $2), as all of the stickers are from Jolee's Boutique (which you may know aren't the cheapest embellishments on the shelf).  On the other hand, I didn't really do any creating, I just laid them out and glued them on.

Le sigh!

So now I need your opinion:  which do you like better, selling individually or selling in sets?  Please let me know!


  1. I know you don't want to be a card-making factory...but what if you offered the cards both ways? In sets and individually. And I would charge a little more - have you seen the cost of cards in the grocery store??? For a card as cute as any of these, with all the embellishments, you could get away with charging more.

  2. @Junky Vagabond

    Any idea Jill on what you think I should be charging? I think I will take your advice and do both sets and individuals. :)

  3. I love your cards!

  4. @Anonymous

    Thank you so much, Anonymous! I hope you will consider following my blog! :-)

  5. Hello! I don't know if you remember me or not, we met at the scrapbook superstore thing in Pidgeon Forge a few weekends ago (I put back the peacock stamp set that you got...sidenote, I love the card you made using that set!) Anywho, I have been reading your blog ever did a great job with promoting your blog that day! I totally agree with the other comment that says charge more for your cards. I think if you at least go up by $1.00, you will still be at a fair price, and people are willing to pay more for handmade. As for the cards that you used the embellishments on and just did the layout, I think you should charge enough to make it worth doing. Non-crafters often have a hard time with even (what we would consider)more simple concepts like layout. In other words, they can't do it, so they are willing to pay you to do it! (My sister constantly reminds me of this...) I have read some really good articles on how to figure out what to charge for your products (google it, the list is never ending). And one thing I have learned the hard way is assembly line it. Even if you want your cards to be one of a kind, use the same supplies all at once instead of taking this stamp set out and putting it up and getting another stamp set. It saves time and that is a big factor in the whole crafting for cash area. You do awesome stuff, and you deserve compensation for your awesome! Wow, that is a really long comment...sorry! P.S.- Please check out my blog: Thanks for being so craftastic!

  6. @Amy


    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! I do remember you at the store in P.F., so glad you took time to check it out, and just as happy that you enjoy my creations! Thanks for being a follower, it means a lot to me. So you think I should raise prices huh? You're right, it is hard to feel like you're 'worth it'. And you're right again, I have a hard time assembly lining, because then I feel like I'm not being creative - but if I want to make more than 1 or 2 cards in an hour, it must be done! Thanks again Amy for your kind thoughts and following!!!

  7. Hello, Kristina
    Your cards deliver exactly what is required. They are colourful, well proportioned and eye-catching!
    We don't all have the time to devote hours on one card but it all depends on how agile your design mind is. I can create 3 cards in one day if I'm really strict with!
    However you choose to go forward, just enjoy your talent.
    I would love it if you visited and followed my blog at
    Take care and Happy Crafting!
    Sheenagh x

  8. @Sheen

    It can be hard to design sometimes isn't it? Somedays I can barely squeak out one, and others I'm poppin em out left and right. So glad you stopped by and are following! :-D


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