Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2012 Blogging/Crafting Goals

Are you on Twitter?  If not, you should be!  So many wonderful amazing people out there.  It's such a fun way to connect with those who share the same passions as you, or get the latest info from companies, and even stalking your favorite celebrities.

Just kidding about the last part.  My idea of a celebrity is @TimHoltz, lol!!

Ok, so I guess I do stalk my favorite celebs  -___-

Anyway....!  I wanted to share with you a chat that I participate in, called #crafterminds.  To make it easier to participate (chats fly by fast!), I enter the chatroom:  That way, #crafterminds is automatically entered after every tweet.  Putting a # in front of a word or phrase allows other Twitter users to search it, or in the case of a chat, it keeps the conversation together.  Here's some more help in understanding the hashtag aka the 'number sign' #:  Twitter: What are Hashtags (#)? 

So #crafterminds is a chat that is hosted on Mondays, at 4PM EST (A new chat was added at 8PM EST).  It is 'hosted' by @Crafterminds.  (when you see @ in front of a name, it is the name of the user.  For example, I am @PearlGateway - are you following me yet!?)  Each chat session has a topic which always revolve around the crafting and blogging combo.  This past Monday's topic was "Your 2012 Goals".  And I wanted to share some of mine with you (if they are written - I might be more accountable!)

My 2012 Blogging/Crafting Goals

  1. Stick to a blogging schedule.  I have just recently been thinking of themed days, of which you have seen my "Mimic Monday".  My goal is to blog with purpose, to make sure I'm providing great content for you! 
  2. Host a linky party.  More on this to come, but I hope to host a weekly cardmaking challenge (Thursdays?)
  3. Make and edit videos.  I would love to make videos, but I don't know how to edit them.
  4. Be on a design team.  I hope to be on a design team that matches my style with a product I love.  I submitted an application to a DT call, so hopefully they like what I create.  If not, I will keep looking for the right fit!
  5. Submit and be published in Paper Crafts Magazine.  I need to gather more information on when they have submission deadlines and what types of cards they are looking for.
  6. Use inlinkz linky tools at the end of my posts.  I have the inlinkz tool to add supplies at the ends of my posts, I just need to add in all the products I use (which is time consuming, but will be nice to have done).  I think this helps make a blog not only look professional, but also helps readers find all the supplies that were used in a particular project.
  7. Take a photography class.  I want to improve my photography skills, and hopefully eventually get a new camera.
  8. Learn Photoshop and HTML.  I have this fabulous program that is worth tons of $$$ but I don't know how to use it.  Sad, no?  Learning HTML will relieve my brother from miscellaneous web design issues!
  9. Have a regular booth at the Knoxville Farmer's Market.  I will apply for a space next year, but need to get a little more organized to sell.  I need a tent/gazebo, preferably a sign, and some sales processes in place.
  10. Host mosaic classes and cardmaking classes.  I think this one might be one of my favorite goals, because I love social events and the opportunity to teach someone what I'm passionate about!  I need to figure out what this would require, if I could host small classes in my home, or rent space from a craft store.

Thanks for reading about my goals, now I want to hear yours?  What do you want to accomplish in 2012?


  1. Kristina, it's like one mind! Many of our blogging/crafting goals are the same. I'd have to add a few more confident...don't second guess my designs so much...jump out of my comfort zone, etc, but for the most part we are one in the same! :) These things are all do-able too! Best of luck in your journey...I can't wait to see you check these off your list :)

  2. Found you on twitter. you can get on @tintinheart.

  3. @Barb

    Wow Barb, so cool that we are so much alike! I hope you accomplish your goals, and really hope that you will be confident in what you make! I'll be posting when I can check things off, and hope you will keep me updated with your 2012 goal list too :)


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