Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Use the Martha Stewart Scoring Board

 I know this product isn't exactly new or anything, but I am really loving the Martha Stewart Scoring Board.  I didn't really need it for the longest time, and now I can't imagine not using it all the time.  Let me show you why I needed the scoring board:

I got this bag of envelopes off Craigslist for $15.  The ad said there were approximately 600.  Keep reading to see how many there were.

All the white envelopes sorted, bound together, and labeled.  Yes I'm a nerd and punched all those labels and used a whole spool of white ribbon to tie them -__-

All the colored envelopes sorted, bound together, and labeled.

Then I created a spreadsheet {because like I said I have a wee bit of OCD and/or I'm just plain crazy}.  The spreadsheet has 8 columns, 15 different sizes, and 24 colors.  All told it probably took me like 7-8 hours to do all of it.  Yeah.  Super crazy.

Columns consist of A) Color, B) Envelope Size C) Number of Envelopes (original #) D) Number of Envelopes (remaining) E) Card Size F) Card Size (to cut) G)/H) Type of Card and # of Each.

In total, 1,781 envelopes.


So anyway, I was used to using the box sets of cards and envelopes, you know the ones with 10 different colors for about $10.  Did I mention all of these envelopes cost me $15???

So now I needed to actually cut and score cards as before I was silly and pampered to have them already done for me.  This is where the Martha Stewart Scoring Board comes in.

I'll give you the basic run down of what this super handy tool can do:

1. Score - Obviously!  This is what I will be using it mostly for, admittedly, but don't let the simplicity fool you.  Having a tool to help you score is amazing and makes your cards look so much more professional.  On the inside of the little flap at the top of the board it tells you what size paper to start with to create card sizes: #1, 4 bar, A2, A5, A7, A9, 6" square, and #10 - and then where to score each of them.  It can also help you score other card shapes, such as a gate-style card.

2. Make Envelopes - Currently, I don't need this (again, thanks Captain Obvious!), but if I did this would be a great tool.  With the little triangular piece you see above, it helps you create all sizes of envelopes; including: #1, 4 bar, A2, A5, A7, A9, 6" square, and #10.  It first tells you what size of paper to start with, then the scoring measurements if you have a dimensional card (lots of 3D embellishments), and also tells you what to do if your card is flat.

3. Make Rosettes - If you love rosettes and buy them for use in lots of your crafting, this tool will save you a small fortune!  Tutorial on Martha Stewart Rosettes is my fave tutorial on YouTube.

4. Make Boxes - You can make all types of cute little boxes with this.  Use to hold gifts, trinkets, snacks, whatever!  In the same top flap where the card info is, there is a chart for box sizes also, including: 2x2x2, 3x3x2, 4x4x2, 4x4x4, 5x5x3.5, 6x6x3, 7x7x2.5, and 8x8x2.  There is a template for the Martha Stewart Box - Pie Shape also.

Other useful notes:

1. There is a 'center' mark so if you have a scrap piece of paper you can find out how wide it is and where to score it in the middle.

2. There is a little arrow just to the right of the 0" line - very useful for making box lids as you want the lid to be larger than the base of course.

3. It comes with the scoring tool and triangular envelope piece.  The scoring tool is a bit flimsy, so you may want to upgrade, but hey it came with it.  It can be stored in the top flap.  The triangular piece has a storage slot in the back of the board.

4. I think the Martha Stewart Scoring Board is the best tool on the market for all of the above reasons, as well as price - it's less than $20 and you can use a 40% coupon on it.  Also, it has the most slots for scoring - every 1/8 of an inch.  This gives you the most flexibility.

Here is what I used the Martha Stewart Scoring Board to create!

A card that was scored, a matching A2 envelope, and a rosette!

A closeup of the rosette - with some added embellishment of course!

A 4x4x2 box - full of Stickles and Liquid Pearls for fun ;-)

Wouldn't you like someone to give you this box of goodies?  I know I would!

Hope this gave y'all some more information about the Martha Stewart Scoring Board.  I think it's a great tool for any paper crafter's collection.  If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask! 

Do you have the Martha Stewart Scoring Board?  What do you mostly use it for?


  1. What a great review! I never knew there was such a thing. And, what a great score on the envelopes ;-)

  2. I just got this scoring board not to long ago. I haven't used it much, but then again I haven't made many cards recently! But I like it! I must get to making more Christmas cards with Christmas right around the corner and all! =)

  3. @- Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl

    Thanks Brittany, yes a score indeed! It was kind of crazy, but now that it's done - totally worth it!

  4. @KaraBeth

    KaraBeth have you tried making any boxes or rosettes with it? It's so easy to do!!

  5. I LOVE my MS scoring board. I had to have it to make envelopes! But I love your need for it too. So, let me ask you (in case I run across a deal like this for envelopes), how do you figure what size card to make that will fit in your envelope when it has rosettes on it? I mean, I know the scoring board has instructions for making bulky cards, but do you figure out what size card you want to make first and then see if you have an envelope for it? Or visa versa? Don't know if that made sense...

  6. @Becky Dunham

    Hi Becky - great question! You can actually do it either way. If you make the card first (let's say you start out with a size A2 card which is 4.25x5.5), then you know that the envelope should probably match the dimensional card size for A2 (which starts with paper size 8.5x8.5). Put the card in the envelope and see if it fits! You can also make the envelope first, which will give you an idea of the space limitation from the get-go. As you already know, the board is designed to match card + envelope size (whether the card is dimensional or flat). The only thing I would be concerned with is if you make it crazy dimensional - but chances are you're not doing that anyway! Hope this helps! :-)

  7. Wowsers, that's one heck of a lot of envelopes! lol! Hope it was fun sorting them all!
    Good Luck in your quest to get more followers!
    Dawn xx

  8. I never even knew about this useful tool...hmmmm...gets me thinking about how I could use it! Good info!

  9. Nice colorful collection of envelopes, pretty looking card also xx

  10. I'm # 63!!!! Yes, I LOVE my MS board it sure makes creating rosettes EASY!! Please stop by & say hi,

  11. @Dawn

    It was not very fun to organize the envelopes, but it was something I felt compelled to do! lol :)

  12. @Junky Vagabond

    Jill you should get one they are cheap and a great tool! Maybe on your next trip to Michaels? j/k!!

  13. @Abbie721

    Thanks Abbie, it really is a crazy collection! I'll have envelopes for months and months!

  14. @ScrapMyWay

    Thanks for being #63 you rock! I've been making rosettes, I never knew they were so easy. I'll be sure to stop by and say hello!

  15. i am having some SEVERE envelope envy right now! i LOVE anything office related! you can make some pretty cute mini albums using envelopes too!
    i am visiting from the Clearsnap Blog, you have a very nice blog with lots of great projects!
    thanks for stopping by and visiting us during the handmade holidays hop!
    hope you'll visit often :)
    tami- blog hostess and dt member

  16. @tami

    Thanks Tami, I am actually visiting your blog right now in another tab! Thanks so much for stopping by - I appreciate it. :)

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  18. I have this tool as well and use it for so much more than scoring. But lately I havent used it. Thanks for reminding me of all that it can do. I will be pulling it out tomorrow to play with it. Thanks for sharing!

  19. @Angie ~ Closet Cricuteer

    Angie, isn't it such a useful tool? I have no idea how I went this long without it. Hope you had a chance to play!

  20. Great blog & fun ideas! Do you have the measurements for the fun little box at the bottom? It looks like the edges flare out a bit...I love that!

  21. I love my board. Just learned more things today. Eow.

  22. I love my board. Just learned more things today. Eow.

  23. I love my board. Just learned more things today. Eow.

  24. I love my board. Just learned more things today. Eow.


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