Friday, November 11, 2011

Interview with Gill of Creations by Gill M

Happy Friday everyone!  Today we have a special guest interview - meet Gill of Creations by Gill M!
 Gill is a wonderful cardmaker who lives in Scotland with her husband, Jim, and her 2 cats and 2 fish.  She is also celebrating her 3 year "blogaversary" today!  Let's get this interview started!  Of course, questions by Pearl Gateway (PG), and answers by Gill (GM).
PG: How long have you been cardmaking, and what got you started?
GM: I have been cardmaking as far as i can remember in primary school, but seriously as part of my small businesses for about 10 years.
PG: Other than cardmaking, do you do any other papercrafting or other craft related hobbies?
GM: I also love to scrapbook, make jewellery and make candles.
PG: Like children, it's impossible to have a favorite...but if you did, which card is your favorite and why?
GM: I don't do children so I can't relate there - I'm a cat person - I don't actually have a favourite card at the moment as I make so many!  Here are some that I really like:

 {To check out more details about this card, go here}

{To check out more details about this card, go here}

PG: Do you have a 'signature' style, product you use, or embellishment that pops up on all your cards?
GM: I guess my signature style is perfection; I have to have everything straight, neat, and lined up.  I use border edge peel offs a LOT and buttons!
PG: If you could add any 3 products to your craft room, what would they be?
GM: 3 new products I would add are: a Grand Calibur by Spellbinders, Grand Nestabilities dies, more Cricut cartridges (I have a never ending list of ones that I NEED)!!
PG: Have you met any crafting 'celebrities'? If you could meet one famous crafter, who would it be and why?
GM: I have met heaps of UK crafting celebs as regularly rub shoulders with them either in some shape or form.  I am on the Create & Craft tv channel design teams for Sheena Douglass and Debbi Moore and I was friends with Sheena before I joined her DT and I have met Debbi once.  I have also met QVC UK's craft expert Amy Shaw as we are also good friends.  I have also met Pamela Harley from Crafty Catz cds - we used to work together in IBM in our other past lives!!  I have also met Paul Church, Anthony Minnus and Christine Bell from Pinflair; Sara Davies, Leann Chivers and Claire Hamer from Crafters Companion; Dawn Bibby (ex QVC UK and now Create & Craft tv); Kay Rutter from Hougie Board; Leonie Pujol from Create & Craft tv; The Glitter Girls; Noreen Mckee from Flowersoft; Jayne Nestorenko (cute companions range) - wow the list is endless.
I would however like to meet Rosemary Merry who is a favourite scrapbooker of mine who regularly appears on QVC UK.
I would also love to meet some of my blogging / FB crafting buddies - I know they are not celebrity crafters but they do inspire me and it would be great to meet up with some of them one day. Maybe over Skype, as at least that is achievable due to geographical country differences.
PG: How long have you been blogging, and do you have a favorite post?
GM: I have been blogging since 2008 - celebrating my "blogaversary" today!  I don't have a fave post I'm afraid as I post so much on my blog!  Here is a cute card from a challenge I entered though:

{To see more details about this card go here}

PG: How and why did you start hosting your own blog hops, and do you have a favorite hop? {attach link here if you can}
GM: I started hosting my own blog hops in March this year.  I wanted to do hops that were not the normal kind of things as I like to think of different subject matters for my creativity and thought people would like to do likewise. 

I have 2 favourite hops from June - Fairy Day - Day One  and Fairy Day - Day Two.  Also Cocktails and Dreams in August.
But basically I LOVE all the hops I create and host.   Here is a link to  all my 2011 Hops.

Here's a card I entered in a House Mouse Hop:
{To check out this blog hop go here}

PG: Do you sell your cards on Etsy or in a store front? How did you get started and what type of card is your most popular seller (happy birthday, thank you, blank, etc.)?
GM: I don't sell my cards on Etsy or eBay as people will not pay the postage costs.  I don't have a website either as never got around to doing one!   I sell at fayres, friends and family, and to shops in the city centre.  I don't have a specific kind of card that sells best as they are all good sellers.
PG: What time of day do you craft the most, and what is your must-have music and snack?
GM: I basically craft at all times of the day.  When I'm working, after dinner I go straight up to my craft room and that's me up there till bed time.  On the weekends I'm in there most of the 2 days apart from when I've to do shopping, cooking, housework, etc. - then again, what's housework!!!   If I have a day or a week off and got nothing planned then yep, you guessed it - you can find me in the craft room too!  I have a sofa bed in there, a tv, dvd player, laptop so all I'm missing is a microwave and mini fridge and it's a home from home!
I don't listen to music much these days, as I usually have Create & Craft tv channel on when I'm crafting.  But if I do have to put on some music, it is either country or Michael Buble or Bon Jovi.  My fav snack - well chocolate and ice cream but not necessarily at the same time!!
Thank you so much for the interview, Gill! 

If you've popped over here from Gill's blog, stick around - stay awhile!  Check out some of my other posts, if you like what you see I'd love to share more with you as a follower!
So now that you know more about Gill, go check out Creations by Gill M, and maybe get a button designed, blog hop, or even enter a challenge!  Don't forget to wish her a "Happy Blogaversary!"

{All photos courtesy of Creations by Gill M}


  1. Kristina thats fantastic - thank you so much - it was fun to do and fun to read - hopefully our readers will think so too.

  2. Fab interview of my FB and Blogging friend. Really enjoyed reading.

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    Hiya Gill I hope so too, happy blogaversary! xx

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