Monday, November 14, 2011

Mimic Monday - Soft Background

Let's see if I can stick to any sort of schedule .I'm not making any promises, but I'm going to try posting a card that I have found on another blog, in a magazine, or on Pinterest and mimicking it on Monday.
Mimic Monday!

Today I am mimicking the lovely Shari Carroll of Hero Arts and her Soft Shadowed Backgrounds card.

Here is her card:
Here is mine:

Here's her how-to:
  1. Start by clear embossing the Silhouette Grass image onto white cardstock.   
  2. Use a make-up sponge or Ranger Ink applicator to apply Old Paper Distress Ink. Use a circular motion and apply the ink in random areas.
  3. Add in some Weathered Wood Distress ink, overlap onto the Old Paper ink.
  4. Try adding in another light tone such as Scattered Straw. Again, using circular motions to apply the ink.
  5. Once the desired effect is achieved, ink up the Friend Definition with Pumice Stone Distress Ink. Use a moist baby wipe to remove ink from the center of the image. Stamp onto the panel.
  6. Trim the panel and adhere it to a white notecard.
  7. Cut a slit in the spine of the card with a craft blade and thread with ribbon, tie in a bow.
  8. Add butterflies and pearls to finish.
  9. Wait for an occasion to arrive and stamp a greeting inside.
My how-to differs of course, but maintains much similarity. 
  1. I did not have the Silhouette Grass image (although after seeing her card, it's definitely on my wish list!), so I used a group of random floral images together.
  2. I have Old Paper Distress Ink, so this is the same.
  3. I also have Weathered Wood, so this is the same.
  4. Whoops, forgot the Scattered Straw, although I do have this color.  (I was wondering why hers was a bit more yellow toned...) D'oh!
  5. I don't have the Friend Definition stamp (on my list too!), but I did have a Hero Arts script stamp that I really like.  I think it makes a beautiful elegant background.  I too inked mine in Pumice Stone Distress Ink.
  6. I trimmed mine to a light beige card, although I could have done white.
  7. Because my card shape is different, I didn't have to cut the spine, so I just tied my ribbon beneath the top panel.  I didn't have the same color - so I improvised!
  8. I don't have a punch or die cut butterfly, so I used a butterfly stamp inked in Vintage Photo Distress Ink instead.  I also don't have any stick on pearls, so I created my own using Liquid Pearls in Opal White.
  9. This part is the same! ;-)

Hope you liked my 'Mimic Monday', Shari is a fantastic designer and I feel honored just to try and copy her unique designs.  I hope this inspires you to find something you like and try and make it your own!

{photo credit and Shari Carroll card instructions to}


  1. While the inspiration card is pretty, I like yours better for the color :)

  2. These are so lovely, it turned out great!

  3. Two gorgeous cards, great colors xx

  4. @Jill

    Thanks Jill! I noticed I left out a color when I was writing the 'how to' part - oh well!

  5. @Abbie721

    Thanks Abbie, I'm glad you liked it! xx

  6. I really loved this card when I saw it on the Hero arts web site, but I think I like yours more too.
    Yours looks elegant while Sharris is more simple. Both lovely
    Aileen xx

  7. @Aileen

    Wow Aileen, such a nice compliment. So happy everyone likes my version, cause I know how amazing Shari is!

  8. Your card is absolutely gorgeous! Shari is such a great artist, you did her proud!

  9. @Jacqueline

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Thanks so much, wow what a compliment!! I die to be as talented as Shari. BTW, I'm featuring you this Monday, I'll send you a link - but stay tuned! Hope you like what you see, maybe you'll be a follower? ;)

  10. Your cards are really beautiful. Great inspiration!! Will be trying some of your ideas out.

  11. @Moira Gray

    Moira, thank you so much! I'd love to see your work if you try some of these techniques. They really are fun!


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