Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Which Scissors Should I Buy?

There are lots of scissors on the market, but how do you know which ones are good?  How many pairs of scissors should one have?  Does it matter?  Hopefully this post will clear some things up for you.

You may have noticed there are different types of scissors.  Many think 'hey, the one pair I have cuts, that's good enough for me'.  But I would encourage you to think otherwise.  You need a couple pairs of scissors, as they have different purposes. {Please note that this post is covering scrapbooing/cardmaking/papercrafting and does not include recommended scissors for use in other crafts}

1. Basic Scissors [Purpose - all-around cutting]

Easy Action™ Scissors (No. 8)

These are my go-to scissors for the majority of my cutting.  The blade cuts like a knife through butter, and I love the soft comfort grip.  It has a spring action element, making it super easy for even those with arthritis to cut.   

2. Detail Scissors [Purpose - fine, detailed cutting]

These are a great pair of scissors for fine cutting.  The blade is micro-serrated, and comes with a plastic cover.  As you can see, the handles are much larger than most scissors.  This allows for a lot of comfort when cutting those tiny pieces of paper, vinyl, sheet rubber, and adhesive backed papers.

Another option:

These scissors are also popular for fine cutting.  As I don't own them, I can't speak to their effectiveness, but they are popular.  My thoughts based on looks alone tell me they don't seem as comfortable as the Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors.

Another option:

I don't have these scissors either, but given how much I love Fiskars products, I can only assume that these are fantastic as well.  A small blade for control, and large comfortable handles - meets my requirements for fine detail scissors!

3.  Ribbon Scissors [Purpose - cutting ribbon, twine, other pieces of fabric]

These are another pair of Fiskars, part of their sewing line as well as their 'easy action' line.  The same lock and spring action element apply.  These are one of those scissors to hide from the rest of the family, as these should be for fabric only.  No paper of any kind.  The blade is short and micro-serrated, allowing for lots of control. 

4.  Decorative Scissors [Purpose - creating a decorative edge to paper]

Fiskars (can you tell I love them!?) has a line of decorative paper edging scissors that can be bought individually, or in sets of 6.  The sets are: Classic, Contemporary, and Designer.  I will note that these scissors are not quite the same quality as their other scissors.  Their blades are not up to par with their other products, but I still think they produce great effects.  One cool thing about an individual pair is that you can create more than one look.  The example below shows the "Majestic" scissors.  From top to bottom:  Cut straight line, two cut straight lines together, two opposite cut lines, folded and two opposite cut lines.  That's 4 looks from one pair of scissors!

I hope you found this scissors primer helpful, with some guidelines on the types of scissors scrapbookers and cardmakers should have.  Do you have any of these scissors, or another pair I didn't mention?  Let me know!


  1. I love the Paper Snips by Stampin' Up! They are perfect for card making and other little tasks. I think I have about 8 pairs stashed around the house so I always have some handy.

    I also like to keep a set of scissors to use JUST with my adhesives. Then I don't worry that they are sticky when I try to cut paper with them.

  2. I like the first ones for fabric, they are so sharp, but they aren't cheap! My kids have ruined a few pairs by now. I have nice scissors to start with, hide them in secret spots, and invariably they sniff them out for their own projects. Oh well, I should start telling them if I find them using "my" scissors I will have to "cut off" their TV time for the week!

  3. @Jessica Taylor

    Good point on the adhesives. I know for sure that the Tim Holtz Tonic ones are non-stick, but I'm not sure about the others. Great addition!

  4. @Good Time Charlie

    You're right, they're not cheap :( but with care will last for a very long time! I think it's important that kids have their own scissors for this very reason.

  5. I have the Cutterbee and I love it. I think they make the Paper Snips for SU they are exactly the same without the yellow. That was a great idea to show the scissors Kristina, thanks!

  6. @Gisela

    Gisela, I have never tried the Cutterbee so I thank you for your input - thanks for sharing!


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