Monday, December 5, 2011

Mimic Monday Snowflake Card

This is posting a wee bit late but it's cause there's so much drama going on with Ella.  Over the course of the weekend she has gotten really sick and unable to keep her food down.  2 x-rays, 1 blood test, 3 medications, prescription food, and more....she is not doing well and needs to go in tomorrow and stay for a barium study.  This is a test done over the course of several hours, giving her a treatment that will coat her insides bright white so it will show up easily on the x-rays.  Then the doctors will see if the barium doesn't make it all the way from mouth to tail; meaning there's a blockage.  Anyway, sorry for the drama, on to today's Mimic Monday.

I have no idea where this card came from, but I found it on Pinterest and traced it back to an Etsy shop owned by Maria Bell.  A further bit of nosiness found she has a blog called Stampin Inspirations.  She is quite good, I like her style!  Here's her lovely card:

Here's my mimic:

Some quick differences:

Different papers of course, but the basic idea is pretty close.  Her pink paper has been embossed with the snowflake folder I've been coveting, so my card is missing this.  Her snowflake is stamped, mine is 2 die cuts.  I guessed on Stickles here; on the large snowflake is Glam Pink and Tropical Tangerine, and the stamped background snowflakes have Cotton Candy.  I don't have a gold organza ribbon so I just used a pink glitter ribbon (which isn't great at making bows of course).  Her sentiment is Merry Christmas, which mine just wouldn't fit so I used Rejoice instead.  I couldn't stop with the glitteriness of it all as I'm working on some other glittery cards at the moment, so I bordered the Rejoice with Ice Stickles in Arctic Ice.

Hope you enjoy today's Mimic Monday! 
Go check out Maria's blog, I'm sure you'll like what you see!