Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spirited Art

Sometimes I really enjoy taking an art class with a group. 
It can be a great opportunity to strengthen bonds and refresh some skills. 
This past Thursday I went out with the ladies of my church to Spirited Art of Knoxville and had a blast!!

What a fun wall, this is what you see upon walking into Spirited Art

This is their calendar of events, it takes up the whole wall.  Each day has it's own painting, if you are interested in that day's work, anyone can reserve a spot and sign up to paint.  Up at the top (third from right) is the 15th of December where it says "Private Party" - that's us!

This is where the fun happens!!

Everyone at my table working diligently on their masterpieces

Starting to get into it!
(Having premixed paint is more convenient, but I love mixing my own colors!)
It was hard to remember my sweet tea on the left - yum!
And the paint water on the right - yuck!

My finished work of art - click here to check out what it is supposed to look like (Scroll down to "Holiday", and we did the "NOEL" painting, the 5th image in the second row).  I was a rebel and decided to freehand my image - everyone else had carbon-traced their "NOEL" image.

A close-up of the ornament

A close-up of my peppermint candies - everyone else of course had painted candy canes, why must I be difficult! lol!

A close-up of smiling baby Jesus with the Star shining on Him :-)

Me and my finished painting!  (Their aprons are super cute - they say "i can draw a stick person"!)

The whole group! (I'm on the bottom row, 2nd from left)
Don't you LOVE that giant paint chip circle on the wall!?

This was so much fun, I really had a great time.  Spirited Art has locations in Knoxville, TN; Huntsville, AL, Little Rock, AR, and Richmond VA.  If you're near any of these, you should definitely check them out! 

Hope you enjoyed, and I hope you get an opportunity to take a class like this.  As long as you can hold a paintbrush, you can be an artist!  So as Spirited Art says, "Uncork your creatvity, but don't drink the paint water!" ;-)