Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tim Holtz 12 Days of Christmas Tags - Day 6

Well Tim Holtz' 12 Days of Christmas Tags is officially half over - it's day 6!  Posting daily like this and learning all these techniques can be kind of overwhelming, especially since today's tag took like 3 hours T_T  But I love how it turned out and I learned so much!!

I'm sure you've been stalking checking out Tim's site daily so you know what his tag for today looks like.  If for whatever reason you are not madly obsessed familiar with it, check out that link above and come back for the comparison.  Here we go!

Bottom details:

 Top details:

Some differences a la Mimic Monday (no buying any new supplies - yes, it's hard!):

1. I didn't have his embossing folder, so I picked this fleur de lis I have and painted it in 4 Christmas colors.  They are not Adirondack Dabbers, they are Delta Ceramcoat.
2. I don't have foil tape - I just used aluminum foil from the kitchen!
3. I don't have a burnishing block (plus I really like how it looks as is), so I didn't sand any paint off.  You may also notice I left the bottom that didn't get embossed as is, I just like how it looks.  I did however use Distress Ink in Walnut Stain and then clear emboss over it.
4. I liked my charm (it matches perfectly!!) as is, I think the silver helps it stand out agains the red green.  I looped it with some velvet jewelry cord.

Things I learned:

1. How to dry emboss foil in my Sizzis Texture Boutique
2. How to paint foil (and how long it takes!!)
3. How to use clear embossing powder on foil

Thanks for joining me again, hope you enjoyed today's tag. 
Have you ever used foil in your papercrafting?  It's now an official product in my arsenal!