Monday, February 6, 2012

Butterfly Mini Canvases

Don’t you love when canvas is 70% off?  I know I do!  It makes me feel less like I’m totally ruining something expensive and more artistic license to do whatever I feel like doing without worrying.  I bought 4 mini canvases, about 4x4 inches each with no real plan of what to do with them at the time. 

I decided to paint some acrylic butterflies and give them to my friend for Christmas <3

Butterfly Mini Canvases (5)

I went for a really fun and whimsical look.  Starting with my basic color mixed in with a metallic pearl paint, I swirled the brush to get the flowing background.

Butterfly Mini Canvases (6)

I picked a darker hue of the same color and painted the four butterflies.

Butterfly Mini Canvases (1)

I then embellished with stickles and gems.

Butterfly Mini Canvases (2)

And a swipe of black enamel for the body and antennae to finish.

Butterfly Mini Canvases (3)

I like to buy mini canvases because I don’t feel like I’m wasting my money and it really gives me the freedom to be creative and whimsical.  I really like the imperfect, almost child-like look these had, and I hope my friend enjoys them too!