Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don’t Call it a Comeback…

But I’m back!  For REAL this time! 

It’s February 1st and I’m now on my way to getting my act together.  I got my computer back (in what seems like 10 years later in the blog world), and now getting back on my feet.  Unfortunately I lost all my photos, as every. single. file was corrupted.  Luckily I was able to retrieve pictures from my Picasa web albums, as well as several pictures saved in my Walgreens.  I’m trying out Windows Live Writer today, so here’s hoping this doesn’t glitch out on me because I’m really over technology right now!

Anyway, hopefully this doesn’t bore the pants off you, but I just had to share my Christmas craft haul with you guys <3

Christmas Craft Haul (2)

So here’s Christmas morning!  Since we moved away from home, all of the presents came in yucky USPS boxes.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful, I just wanted to prettify them a bit.  We didn’t have a tree, or any decorations, or snow for that matter (hey – I’m from Michigan!) but that’s okay we were still together on Christmas, which a lot of people can’t say that so I am definitely grateful.  So um, long story made, well not really short, I put all the ugly boxes in cute bags even if they look silly.

Christmas Craft Haul (3)

This is Jeff, right before I bounce on him and get him to wake up.  So we don’t have kids, someone’s gotta go nuts, of course it’s going to be me! {Isn’t he so cute!?}

Christmas Craft Haul (6)

Here’s the haul <33 Where to start!?!

Christmas Craft Haul (1)

Here’s starting my Copic marker obsession…these are my first 7 markers that Jeff bought me.

Y18, YG25, YG17, RV23, RV25, B02, and B04

Christmas Craft Haul (4)

Set of Hero Arts Shadow Ink that my parents bought me – so colorful, I love them!

Christmas Craft Haul (5)Christmas Craft Haul (12)

I took a couple pics of them because I just love ink so much!

Christmas Craft Haul (7)

Some Hero Arts stamps that my parents bought, I’ve been wanting the Designer Woodgrain forever, and look how fabulous that dogwood is!  I can’t wait for spring in Knoxville, there are dogwoods everywhere here.  There’s even a Dogwood Festival that runs in April, I can’t wait to check out all the activities downtown!

Christmas Craft Haul (8)

My parents also got me some more nice Hero Arts clear stamps, lots of cute sayings and happy birthday sentiments (how I didn’t have a nice collection of these I don’t know)

Christmas Craft Haul (9)

When Tim Holtz was doing the 12 Tags this year, one of them used the Tonic Craft Scratcher.  I wanted to buy it, but you guys know my Tim Holtz 12 Tags/Mimic Monday rule (no buying anything while on a project).  The Alcohol Inks I bought myself (they were on sale near Christmastime, so that counts as a present in my world!)

Christmas Craft Haul (10)

I ordered this from and let me tell you. OMG so CUTE!  I thought the little buoy and ship set would be cute for a guy card (aren’t they are hardest to make!?), a little snowflake set, cute little weather icons like suns and clouds – with smiley faces! – and the CUTEST little dessert set, can’t wait to make some fun stuff to show you guys!  If y’all love it half as much as I do you will just DIE from CUTENESS!!

Christmas Craft Haul (11)

Some stamps I got my BFF in MI for Christmas, I hope she loves them and makes fun things <3

Christmas Craft Haul (13)

Ok stop it you guys, these were on sale too – only $10 and they are normally like $25!

Christmas Craft Haul (14)

I bought these canvases, 75% off.  I kept the larger two and then the 4 minis I painted and gave as a Christmas gift, I’ll post some pics later.

Christmas Craft Haul (15)

Ok I bought these 80% off at Michael’s on Black Friday.  Stop it you guys, I said 80% off!  That made them like $1 and change each!

Christmas Craft Haul (16)

A bunch of gift certificates that Jeff’s boss got him, from Nixon’s Deli, Border Taco, Meksiko Cantina, Koko Grill, and Texas Roadhouse – always nice to have when you’re short on cash but want a nice date night :)


Hope I didn’t bore you, but blogging just feels like talking with my friends.  I’ve really missed our ‘chats’! 

So tell me, what did you get for Christmas?  BONUS points if you tell me what you bought YOURSELF for Christmas?  **Triple BONUS if it was on MAD SALE!!**