Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some New Spring Treats

I’m going to share with you one of my sneaky secrets to buying things at craft stores.  I get my hair done at student salons.  You think you might spend $150 and up when you go to an average salon, but by going to an academy you’ll walk out with the same services, but pay like half.  That means you have money to go spend on crafty crap!  Or put into your savings account if you are feeling responsible…

So here’s what I got at Scrappin in the City, a local scrapbooking store just north of downtown Knoxville:

2PIAB Michaels A Xmas Present (1)

Some new Authentique and Echo Park 6x6 papers.  I am more of an ink nut, while my bff is more of a paper hoarder.  I can’t remember the last time I bought paper – I still have stuff from when I was in high school – omg I’m just now realizing that I graduated almost 10 years ago.  SOB!

Anyway…I wanted to freshen up my stash with some new releases.  They fall under the category of “I like it when I see someone else’s project with it, but not something I would by for myself”.  I know that’s a really long category name but that’s exactly how I feel about it.  So on a whim I bought it, and I’m happy I did because the papers are really pretty and high quality.  I also love how they’re only 6x6 pages, so I don’t feel like I’m using the same paper over and over.

2PIAB Michaels A Xmas Present (6)

Another ‘kind of’ rule that I have is that I almost never ever buy single sheets of paper – they are usually too expensive for just a single sheet.  But this was too cute.  I wish you guys could see how insanely glittery this pink and silver houndstooth pattern paper is – and the best part is that the glitter doesn’t flake off.

2PIAB Michaels A Xmas Present (7)

This super cute cloud paper is actually vellum.  I have very little vellum in my stash, but just had to have these clouds – won’t they go perfect with my My Cute Stamps?

2PIAB Michaels A Xmas Present (8)

This was actually the first single paper I bought.  As soon as I saw it I thought it was so cute and springy.  I showed Jeff and he said it looks like his grandma’s wallpaper.  What does he know anyway.

2PIAB Michaels A Xmas Present (9)

This paper is the only chevron/zig zag print I now have in my stash.  It matches the floral paper really well and looks so retro and fun!

2PIAB Michaels A Xmas Present (2)

I also made a quick stop at Michael’s, I needed some white paper (that’s really what I use the most; I want to try some Neenah paper but it’s pricey).  I snagged that Memento Tuxedo Black ink on 40% off because it’s the best for Copics.  Believe it or not those Distress Stickles are the first of my Distress Stickles collection.  They never go on sale but they were this time, so I had to scoop those up too.  That Distress Crackle Pain in Brushed Pewter was also on clearance, so I grabbed that.

Inquiring minds need to know: do you have spring fever?  Any new items you’ve added to your stash, or any must haves that I should put on my wish list??