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How to Make Plaid Alcohol Ink Backgrounds

So this post is obviously inspired by my entry in Studio L3 - Grungy Monday #39.  You can check out my post featuring my entry here.  I got several requests on Facebook asking me how I did it, so I thought I’d give you my version of how I create plaid alcohol ink backgrounds using Tim Holtz’ Adirondack Alcohol Ink by Ranger.  If you think this is absurd and would rather go learn from the master himself {I don’t blame you!}, check out Tim’s Christmas tag from 2009 he created with this technique.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 017

Colors used:

Top left card – Red Pepper, Watermelon, Sunset Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Citrus, and Cranberry

Top right card – Eggplant, Terra Cotta, Butterscotch, Oregano

Bottom right card – Stream, Bottle, Sail Boat Blue, Wild Plum Sunset Yellow

Bottom left card – Oregano, Sail Boat Blue, Mushroom, Lettuce, Citrus

Center card – Red Pepper, Sunset Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Lettuce, Sailboat Blue, Purple Twilight


Let’s get to it!

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 001

To do this technique you will need the following: glossy paper (to be honest, I use photo paper even though I guess you’re not supposed to, but it works well enough for me), alcohol ink (probably most well known is Tim Holtz’ Adirondack Alcohol Ink by Ranger), Inkssentials Blending Tool, and felt (not foam like you would use with Distress Inks – this is very important!  I just cut my own although Tim does have his own pre-cut you can purchase).  Optional:  Alcohol Blending Solution.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 002

Start with uncapping all of your inks; don’t worry they will not evaporate in this time span.  Make sure to put something down to protect your surface.  You can technically do this on your Ranger Craft Sheet, but I don’t like to waste time cleaning it with the Alcohol Blending Solution, so I just use scrap paper.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 003

Take your alcohol ink and squeeze it directly on the felt piece on your applicator.  I usually squeeze for 2-3 seconds, that’s all you will need.  For this technique, put your colors in a straight row immediately touching each other.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 006

I got a bit ahead of myself here and forgot to take more pictures of the in-between process.  This technique is so fun I got rather carried away!  Basically just put your applicator straight down on the edge of the paper and drag it down.  I would recommend re-inking between each swipe to make sure you have clean lines and no streaks.  Then flip your paper vertically and swipe across the lines you have already made.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 007

Finishing up the side.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 008

This is how it will look when you’re done.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 010

Here’s that process again, I tried to get some more in-between shots.  Sorry about the atrocious glare.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 011

This is two swipes in.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 012

All done with the first layer.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 013

Completed plaid look!

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 015

It looks slightly different from different angles.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 016

Here is what it can look like when using random drops of the Alcohol Blending Solution.  It lightens and moves the color around, a really cool effect.

This technique is so addicting, I can just about guarantee that if you try it, you can’t make just one.  I would recommend using at least 5 colors, I think it turns out better that way and looks more like actual plaid.  Also try to use thin stripes, this will make it look better too in my opinion.

Have you tried this technique?  Please give it a shot, you will love it I promise!  I also finally got a Pin It button, so feel free to pin away if you want to save it on your inspiration board for later!

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