Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Uptown Art Knoxville Painting

If you were here before the new year, you might remember my trip to Spirited Art here in Knoxville.  It’s one of those places where you go to paint as a group; don’t forget to BYOB!  This time I checked out another similar joint, called Uptown Art, also in Knoxville.  They are a similar franchise and have locations across various parts of the US.

Uptown Art 2

We had a great time – here’s Amy and Katie getting ready to paint.  Check out the wall behind them; those painting pop right off that solid black wall!

Uptown Art 3

Here’s me and Melanie filling up our plates right before class is about to start.  It’s really cool how these places work; you can bring any snacks and drinks you want!

Uptown Art 4

Christine and Charity working on their masterpieces.  Don’t mix your margarita with the paint water!

Uptown Art 5

From lower left, clockwise: Amy, me, Ashley, Katie, Christine, Melanie, and Charity in the middle.  Charity goes to Uptown Art frequently so she was working on her own piece – cool eh?

Uptown Art Painting (1)

Here’s a close-up view of my painting.  It’s so strange how it looks terrible up close, but pretty decent from a distance.  But that’s how everyone’s was, so I think it’s supposed to be that way!

Uptown Art Painting (2)

A close-up of the sky – I adore how it turned out!

Uptown Art Painting (3)

A close-up of the dune path

Uptown Art Painting (4)

A close-up of the waves.  If I could go back, I’d probably use a thinner brush for both the wave and the foam.


I had so much fun painting with those gals, can’t wait to do this again soon!