Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Great Salt Lake and Downtown Salt Lake City

Today’s post is full of beautiful images of the Salt Lake and downtown SLC.

SNAP! Conference 2012 001 SNAP! Conference 2012 002

SNAP! Conference 2012 003

SNAP! Conference 2012 004

A bit hard to read, it says:

Daughters of Utah Pioneers No. 115 Erected 1934 Garfield & Lake Point Resorts

From 1881 to 1893 Garfield Beach was the most famous and finest recreation resort on the shores of Great Salt Lake, with its railroad station, lunch stand, restaurant, bath houses, and pier leading to the dance pavilion, and with the pioneer steamboat “City of Corinne” exhibited at anchor.  lake Point was located 1 1/2 miles west.  A three story hotel erected there by Dr. Jeter Clinton became a stopping place for overland stages.  The boulder used for this shaft was taken from “Old Buffalo Ranch” one half mile west”.

SNAP! Conference 2012 005

Beautiful scenery, but I should have been plugging my nose – the lake has quite a briny odor to it!

SNAP! Conference 2012 006

Some unique scenery behind us while photographing the lake

SNAP! Conference 2012 010 SNAP! Conference 2012 007

The LDS Conference Center on the left.  A view of the Salt Lake Temple from the street on the right.

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SNAP! Conference 2012 008

Much more SNAP! fun to come this week!