Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July–Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2012

OMG you guys, it’s only July 4 and I TOTALLY have this month’s Tim Holtz tag DONE!  I know it’s hot and you’re all shocked, but please don’t faint.  (Also, please refrain from pointing out the fact that I neglected to do June’s tag…I promise I’ll do it…eventually!)  Check out Tim’s tag here, then come back to visit me.  Or just stay here, because my attempt is pathetic by comparison – don’t tell anyone, but this tag took me THREE times to get it to the point of where I was ready to tear my hair out moderately satisfied with the result.

Tim Holtz 12 Tags - July (1)

Tim Holtz 12 Tags - July (2)

A close up of Lady Liberty – of all the places I’ve travelled, I’ve never been to New York.  Speaking of pathetic!

Tim Holtz 12 Tags - July (3)

A close up of the firecrackers – I learned two things while doing this month’s tag.

1. When spraying the air-in-a-can, to get a better splatter effect, aim the nozzle directly down on the drop of alcohol ink.

2. Be gentle when spraying the metallic alcohol ink, it will flake if you spray it too hard (see image above, it totally flaked on me – and did I mention this was my THIRD attempt!?)

Thanks for joining me, I’d love if you checked out my other tags, you can see them here – I know I know I don’t have June up yet, jeez I hate being out of order but what can you do sometimes.  It’s going to bother me until forever but oh well.  Also, you can check out some tutorials I have: how to use alcohol ink and how to make fun plaid backgrounds!  Lastly, I have another 4th of July card here if you want to check that out too Smile

Happy Independence Day America, savor the freedom while it lasts!