Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tim Holtz Online Card Class–Creative Chemistry 101 Day 7


Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101

Hey guys, believe it or not I’m back for another day of Creative Chemistry, today’s techniques feature embossing powder!  Hope you’re enjoying these, I’m having a blast!  If you missed Day 6’s post, you can find it here.

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry - Day 7 (6)

  • Nostalgic Batik Technique – Involves a craft iron, a touch time consuming and in truth I can’t see myself using this one very often.
  • Rusted Enamel Technique – Loved this one, I can see this being used in many applications.
  • Distress Powder Resist Technique – Distress powder is really cool, but I don’t like inking over it because it tears up foam applicators.  I’d probably ink first and not really do the ‘resist’ part.

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry - Day 7 (7)

A close up of the ironed embossing powder

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry - Day 7 (4)

Doesn’t this look like copper’s beautiful patina?

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry - Day 7 (5)

I love the look of the Distress Embossing Powder – so gritty, it’s like a sandpaper application!

Okay so I’m getting less lazy and cheap better, I will try to finish the last couple Creative Chemistry Days soon!