Friday, September 14, 2012

Twinkling H20s

Today I’m excited to share one of my most recent favorite cards.  I recently found out that the Hobby Lobby near me carries Twinkling H20s, which are a touch pricey at most stores.  But at HL they came in a pack (read: cheaper) of 12 colors and of course I can’t resist with a 40% off coupon!

Anyway, today’s card is inspired by the unique choice from ColourQ #154, and a lovely sketch from Mojo #258.

cqc154     Mojo258Sketch

September Cards 016

I am loving how this turned out, the colors are mostly accurate except the flower is more burgundy/less purple and definitely super shimmery in person.  I really hope you enjoy, I’m proud of this one!

Do you have any Twinkling H20s?  It’s the most beautiful and relaxing water-coloring around!