Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Showerhead Incident

Those of you who are my personal friends on facebook know all about the showerhead incident – which is a hilarious mental image now but at the time not so pleasant.  We’ve been having lots of issues with plumbing…from the dishwasher backing up, to the kitchen sink dripping, to tree roots in the pipes, and seemingly uncontrollable water pressure.  With all the issues settled, the last problem turned into a game of Goldilocks and the three four showerheads.

The first showerhead had pressure like a sand blaster.  It was painful and torturous, despite several attempts on Jeff’s part to tone it down.  The second was dribbly; no water seemed to be coming out at all – like showering in a hotel where the water is confined.

Moving on to the third.  On Sunday I’m minding my own business in the shower, meanwhile Jeff is making the 6,000 adjustment to the pressure downstairs.  A minute or so in, the showerhead SHOOTS OFF and beans me in the chest.  Followed by water hosing me at 100mph.  It was AWFUL!  I was so freaked out, I leapt out of the shower like a mad woman and screamed at Jeff to help.  He sprinted up the stairs and helped calm me down – I was bawling out of shock – and didn’t even notice that he somehow managed to cut his foot on the way up and bled all over the bath mat. 

Enough is enough!  After church we went out to Lowe’s and bought a new Delta showerhead.  And this thing is a dream, 4th time’s the charm.  It has a dual head where you can take the middle handheld section out. 

Check it out for yourself!

Delta Showerhead

Do you have any shower/plumbing mishaps?  Do share!