Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Wrap Up

Hello all, hope you are enjoying your day, we are coming to an end of 2012.  I hope it was a great year for you, and I hope 2013 will hold even better things in store!  2012 Was great for me personally, and I had lots of fun.  Today I’m going to share my top 10 favorite posts of the year, enjoy!

How to Use Glitter

1.  How to Use Glitter - Glitter 101

One of my all-time most popular posts, and probably for good reason – there’s lot of different kinds of glitter out there!  This post will tell you all about the varieties available on the market and what to do with them.

Alcohol Ink Tutorial - Plaid 017

2.  How to Make an Alcohol Ink Plaid Background

Another top post, this one is super fun.  If you’ve got some alcohol ink on your hands and don’t know what to do with it, give these plaid backgrounds a go!

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry - Day 8 (2)

3. Creative Chemistry 101 with Tim Holtz

This was my first Online Card Class that I took this year starting in March, Creative Chemistry 101 with Tim Holtz.  I have posted 8 days of tags, this link here goes to the most recent and you can click through to see all of them.  I have 2 more to do, maybe I will wrap it up by the time 2013 is over, lol!

How to Attend Your First Blog Conference

4. How to Attend Your First Blog Conference {from a small blogger’s perspective}

I went to SNAP! 2012 in Utah in April, and wow what an experience.  Excited, nervous, scared, overwhelming, all of these emotions and more are the long and short of it.

Haven 2012 115

5. Haven Wrap Up Post {Part II of How to Attend Your First Blog Conference}

In June I went to Haven 2012 in Atlanta, such great fun was had.  I felt like I had a touch more confidence under my belt from SNAP!, but still a little bit nervous.  This post is kind of a part 2, read both and maybe you’ll consider going to your first conference in 2013!

July Challenges 004

6. A Blog Named Hero Challenge #8 – Inspired by Hero Arts Artists

This post was so fun for me, I loved creating these cards and they’re still some of my favorites.  Even better, a challenge I won – yay!  The one featured here is inspired by Jennifer McGuire, click through to see another inspired by Shari Carroll.


7. We Bought Our First House!

The title says it all folks, we closed on our first home the last week of July in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee.

July Cards (2)

8. Cards now at Liz Beth Gallery

Something more to be excited about – at the end of August my cards were accepted into a lovely gallery here in Knoxville!  Truly an honor and a privilege. 

Spray Ink Cards (5)

9. Spray Ink Cards

Y’all know I love trying new things, this post is no exception.  Spray Ink + masking, what’s not to love?

Poinsettia Project (13)

10. Poinsettia Project

You also knew you couldn’t escape without this post, eh?  I love to show how versatile one stamp can be, because let’s face it – card making is an expensive hobby!  This post is all about one stamp + various mediums used to color it.  Love!

Hope you enjoyed my top 10 wrap up, have a fabulous 2013!