Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spray Ink + Wooden Masks

I had so much fun with the spray ink cards that I showed yesterday, that I wanted to try something else.  I had purchased some inexpensive wooden pieces simply strictly for the use of using them as a mask (much larger obviously than the little bitty Studio Calico snowflakes I’ve been fond of recently).

Spray Ink Cards (6)

I rubbed some temporary adhesive on the back of the Kaiser Craft cut-out, and placed it on some paper and put it in my spray box.  I liked how it turned out, so I made some more!

Spray Ink Cards (5)

This one did not turn out as well as I liked; the spray ink seeped under the mask and it didn’t look right .  So I painted the botched mask with Smooch Inks with some dots of Stickles.  Much better!

Spray Ink Cards (11)

This one was fun, a lot of mix of color – and a matching inked sentiment!

Spray Ink Cards (12)    Spray Ink Cards (13)

Spray Ink Cards (14)

This one was even larger as you can see, but a really cheap one I found at Michael’s, I think maybe for $1!  Yay!

Spray Ink Cards (15)

Hope you had fun with me today – give some laser cut pieces a try, you’ll love it!