Friday, December 28, 2012

Uptown Art Snowmen on the Beach

I am quite lucky to work on an all female sales team and we love to get together and paint.  So what did we do for our Christmas cookie exchange?  Paint!


First, some cookies – probably some of the best I’ve made!  Ghirardelli chocolate chips, walnuts, and Reese’s chips – 1 cup of each.  Yum!  I hand made boxes out of thick cardstock using the MS Scoring Board, then hot glued some funky beads on the lids to jazz up the delivery.  Here’s an oldie-but-goodie post on using the Martha Stewart Scoring Board – actually one of my most popular posts!

Uptown Art Sales Party 2012

We go to one of those places where an instructor guides you step by step from a blank canvas to the selected work of the evening.  As you can tell, we were supposed to be painting a snowman.  My friend Charity on the lower left loves to go paint, and she’s got one of her favorites.  I didn’t feel like doing a snowman, so as you can see, I painted a beach scene!  (Here’s a link to my last painting if you’re new around here)


Inspiration image from Uptown Art on the left, mine is on the right.  Not too shabby?


Looks great in my windowless office.  Clients making your life crazy?  Your desk less organized than a teenage boy’s bedroom?  Your coworker’s delusional rant just pushed you over the edge?

Just paint a pleasant beach scene.  Stare into the waves of acrylic bliss.

Happy Friday! Smile