Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!  I am writing this in the evening after having an absolutely splendid New Year’s Eve.  Jeff and I along with one of his friends went out for a night on the town and had such a fun time.  I hope today’s post doesn’t bore you – no pictures and somewhat typical New Year’s resolution drivel.

It’s popular to have a word for the year, something that one pursues.  Many pray about their words, for them to have special meaning.  I will do this for the first time this year, and I think my word shall be “INTENTION”.  I need to start being more aware of my goals and how to achieve them. Instead of thinking about what I want, I think about what I want right now, even though I may not want that as bad, it just happens to be more immediate.  Like eating chocolate, I don’t want the calories from it and I may just be bored or in need of ‘real’ food.  But eating Hershey’s kisses is an immediate fulfillment of the boredom or hunger.  If my desire is to be healthier, I am not being intentional with my poor choice to eat something quick instead of taking the time to prepare a good meal. 

Basically, does my decision now show my intention for what I want in the future?

Here are my 10 “F” goals for the year:

Finances – Paying off debt will be a huge focus in 2013.  After buying the house, we are totally wiped.  But not in too deep, I know we can kick it this year.  Also just enrolled in 401K, I am going to attempt $100 out of my check to it every month.  We are also the worst tithers ever, and need to get it together!

Friends – I’d like to get to know my church friends better and have them over for lunch or dinner.  I feel somewhat intimidated because they all have small children and Jeff and I don’t.  I don’t know how their schedules work, what their kids eat, is it a huge rigmarole for them to come over?  I also really want to find more people [my age] that make cards, I would love to make some new friends in this area.  I think this might involve going to a crop or two at the local scrap shop.

Fun – Despite trying to pay some bills, I want to live a little too!  A trip to Savannah/Charleston would be fab, maybe Nashville for a weekend, and Delaware??  I’m dying to go to the beach.

Free Time – Ok don’t get all crazy, gettin sucked into Pinterest for hours.  Must get off the duff and be productive!

Fitness – Isn’t this on everyone’s list?  My focus has always been on losing weight (which don’t get me wrong, it still is), but I want to be healthier.  I want to eat better.  I want to be more flexible and have more energy.  I have a Groupon for CrossFit, which is moderately intimidating, and I’ve been doing some yoga recently too.  I think also I’d like to get back into zumba because that is hands down the most fun I’ve had working out.

Floss – ‘nuff said.

Followers – Well ‘Blog’ doesn’t start with an F but ‘Followers’ does!  I want to thank everyone that reads my blog and there will be more regarding this coming up.  I want to grow this blog and maybe start applying to some design teams and join more linky parties – not to mention comment more and bring joy to others!  I want to continue to develop my skill in my favorite hobby, and spend time enjoying the journey of creating.  I want to use my stash and not obsess and hoard crafty crap!

Foundation – I’m talkin the House!  More work on the house to come, but that’s a laundry list of it’s own.

Fotos – Ok another cheat, I mean Photos!  I’m going to participate in the #FMSPhotoaDay challenge on Instragram, you can follow me if you like and join in the fun yourself!  Also 2013 I will buy that darn camera this year or else!!

Faith – Last on this list but certainly not least, I want to focus on being available for God to use me.  I want to be present and intent on doing His will, and just need to be a little more aware of that.

How about you?  I’d LOVE to hear what YOUR goals are for 2013.  Do you have a word too?  Please share with me in the comments!!