Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our House

If you’ve been here since the summer you know that we closed on our first home in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee of the last week in July.  I have not been prompt with these photos, however there is a saying called ‘better late than never’.  I happen to believe in this saying, so here we are today!  Now I will preface them by saying several were from the previous owner, and a couple are ours just before the mad dash of moving in.  They are not edited, mostly because I just don’t have the time and they really are not glamorous anyway – just shots of an empty house.  I won’t apologize because I do that already too much here and sadly I did not get a camera under the Christmas tree, lol.  You’ll have to stay tuned for the photos where we are working on turning this house into a home.  *VERY PHOTO HEAVY*



036     038

Shot on the left shows the garage on the lower side, like many houses in east TN the garage is attached, and built into the hill.  The picture on the right shows how the front of the house is on the main level, but when you go out the back it will be on the ‘2nd floor’.  Lots of landscaping we would like to do, but that will come in time.

028     018 

That’s the tree in the front yard on the left, viewed from the front living room window.  The photo on the right is the backyard.  We are situated on a corner lot, so it is more side yard than backyard.

016     017

Here is the view from under the deck, panning left then right.  Right now in this spot there is a ghetto aluminum boat that Jeff found at a customer’s house, and he ended up buying it -___- I would really like to put pavers down in this area and put some outdoor lounge furniture there too.

006     005

The garage – ha, you should see how much crap is in here now.  Kind of awkward with only one door, but the other area will be a workshop.  Lots of work to be done on the furnace/ductwork, thank God Jeff does HVAC!

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Living room.

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View of the dining room from the kitchen, kitchen on the right.  Very small; looks nice but needs a total makeover.

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French doors going out to 2nd floor deck.  Probably what sold me on the house.  We left those doors open all day while we were home working on projects, it’s like adding so much living space and I love feeling connected to the outdoors.  Can’t wait to get some furniture out there.

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View of the ‘back’ yard and the ‘side’ yard from the deck.  Let’s go back inside and see the rest!

030     019

Looking down the hallway, so nice and bright.  The first door on the right is the stairway, which is not this dark in person.  We’ll come back to that.  Second door on right is bathroom, Third is master bedroom.  First door on left is a weird little closet, don’t think I have a picture but you won’t believe what it is now.  You’ll just have to wait and see!  Second door on left is a bedroom, and so is the door straight back.

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Main bathroom. 


023     024

Master bedroom.  A couple dog photo bombs coming up.  Hate the closet, miss my apartment’s walk in.

025     026

Bedroom straight back; soon to be…..craft room! <3


Spare bedroom upstairs; currently a closet mashed full of stuff, a desk, an ab-lounge, and yoga mat reside here.

015     014

Headed back downstairs.  Laundry area, and view from the hallway.

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Only photo we manage to have of the room downstairs.  It does have a closet, so technically we have a 4 bedroom house.  This room will become the guest room, when our family and friends come to visit <3

012     013

There’s a full bath down here, so great for guests.  Makeover needed.  There is a door that connects to the garage next to the bathroom.

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Back to the beginning – see that bush in the front?  Can’t wait for spring!  Thanks for joining me on the tour, we’ve done so much work to the house already I can’t wait to show you.  Yay for 2013!