Monday, March 11, 2013

Go Fish Game/Deck of Cards Gift Idea + Tutorial

Card Game (10)

Today's post is inspired from Infarrantly Creative's guest poster {The Crafty Chicks} as part of her Pennywise Presents series.  Ummm yes I know this was Christmas gets busy and then you forget your posts, so might as well do this NOW!  Plus this could easily be a birthday present anyway.  The concept is a home-made "Go Fish" game, using family photos instead of numbers in the card deck.  You can read their version, and here you can check out mine.  If you decide to make this, hopefully one of the versions will work for you!

I loved the concept and thought it would be perfect for my 2 1/2 year old niece (at the time of my original creation - she is now 3 1/2!).  It's one of those presents that can grow with her a little bit.  For example, for really young toddlers, you can turn the cards face up, for basic matching.  When they have that mastered, you can play "Memory", and turn the cards face down and have the child match the photos.  When they are a bit older, they can play Go Fish.  If it's been a decade or two since you played, check out Go Fish rules here

To make a Family Photo Deck of Cards for Go Fish (my version), you will need:

~ Double-sided scrapbook paper (I used 4 different colors)

~ Cardstock (4 different colors + white)

~ Stickles (4 different colors)

~ Paper Trimmer

~ Corner Punch

~Glue Stick

~ Mini stamps (4 different shapes)

~ Number stamps (2-10)

~ Alphabet stamps (A for Ace, J for Jack, Q for Queen, and K for King)

~ Stickles or other glitter glue (4 different colors) *optional, this does eliminate the ability to hot laminate as the heat will melt and possibly burn the glitter glue

~ Black Sharpie

~ Your Photos (I honestly found all of my pics from Facebook.  The link above suggests using school photos, which I think would be better.  But you have to work with what you got.  I also recommend finding photos where there is only one person per photo, but for me this just wasn't possible the whole time.  Lastly, make sure the photo was not taken with a cell phone; you need it to print clearly.  I printed my photos at


The best method I can suggest is to follow Henry Ford's lead - an assembly line is your friend!!  Do all of each step before moving on to the next, it will make the process much faster.

1. Gather your photos.  You will need 13 pictures of different family members.  Edit if you wish.

2. Print 4 copies of each photo.  I printed 4x6, but I’d do wallet size if I did it over again.

2. Cut photos to desired size. Mine measure 4x4, if I did it over again I’d go smaller. Round all corners if desired.

Card Game (9)

3. Cut double-sided scrapbook paper.  Mine measures 4.125x4.125 (4 1/8x4 1/8).  It’d be best to have all cards be the same back like a regular deck of cards, but mine have 4 different colors (one for each suit).  I was able to get 4 cards out of each 12x12 page.  Round the corners if desired.  I used Amy Butler K & Company paper.

Craft Bond Extra-Strength Glue Stick

4. Adhere photos to scrapbook paper. I used Elmers Extra Strength Glue Stick which made this part quick.

5. Cut out labels for the names.  I used my pazzles for this, you could use a punch.  I used 4 different colors of AC Cardstock for this (one for each suit).

Card Game (8)

7. Write the names on the labels with the Sharpie.  You could also print them, or use a label maker.  I was going for a real hand-made look so I wrote mine out.  You should have 4 labels per suit.  Then add Stickles or glitter glue on the side of the name labels. I used Lime Green, Turquoise, True Blue, and Silver Stickles.

Card Game (4) Card Game (5) Card Game (6) Card Game (7)

8. Punch out 52 circles from your white cardstock (mine are about 1/2 inch in diameter.  Stamp each shape 13 times (I used different colors of ink).  On top of the shapes, stamp A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K - 4x each.  My shapes are a flower, butterfly, heart, and star.  I used Peeled Paint, Tumbled Glass, Stormy Sky, and Pumice Stone Distress Inks.

Card Game (3)

9. Adhere the name labels to the bottom of the photo, then the circles to the upper left on the photo.

Card Game (11)     Card Game (12)

10. Don’t forget the instruction card and a personal message if desired.

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11. Laminate the cards (recommended).  I went to Staples to see how much it would be to laminate, and had a couple of issues.  First, due to the size of my cards, the associate would only be able to fit 2 cards to a sheet (which as you can guess would be very expensive).  Also, he said that the photos might melt - and I really did not have the time or patience to see if it would melt or not.  Lastly, due to my additions of Stickles (I knew my glitter obsession would get me in trouble someday!), the laminate would not stick to the raised glittered areas.  I ended up 'cold laminating', that is to say manual laminating.  I bought a box of self laminate, about 50 sheets for $25 (um yes, still expensive).

12. Wrap with ribbon, or place in a decorated box or tin.  Give and play!

Here's the finished deck:

Card Game (13)

Okay I'm not gonna lie to you guys, this took a LONG time to make.  Like I'm talking a whole day maybe more start to finish.  And regarding "Pennywise Presents", if you were to buy a deck of cards it would probably cost $1, where as this will cost at least $15 - maybe $8 for the photo printing, $2 for the box (on sale!), and potentially MUCH more if you don't already have the other supplies (I did in my craft room, so for me I'm not counting them).  But I think this is an AMAZING present!  My niece really liked it and it's even cooler now that I don't live near her anymore - hopefully she won't forget what I look like!  Sob! 

Card Game (2)

Have you made any handmade gifts?  Would you try making something like this?