Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Floral Set

Day 2 of another fun card set, if you like florals I think you will like these!  All Stampendous! Jumbo Cling Stamps colored with Copics.

Pearl Gateway - February Cards 011

Naturally, let’s start off with a birthday card!  I love this stamp, it is so flexible.  I’ve used it before as a Stargazer Lily, and here it is featured as a Tiger Lily.

Pearl Gateway - February Cards 009

Sympathy cards are difficult, they are best to have on hand instead of picking one out when you need it.

Pearl Gateway - February Cards 010

A poinsettia colored in an unusual color makes it usable during other parts of the year instead of just being limited to Christmastime.

Pearl Gateway - February Cards 007

I threw some pretty cardinals in the mix, primarily because I don’t have 5 Jumbo Cling Stamps by Stampendous!, and it would drive me crazy if the set didn’t match.  Here’s another example of coloring to make a stamp useful for other parts of the year.  Cardinals are typically Christmas/winter images, but by coloring the berries blue instead of red, it is more reminiscent of springtime.

Pearl Gateway - February Cards 008

I used photos on the internet to help me maintain accuracy with my coloring.  Love how this orchid turned out.

I put these cards in a nice clear box, here is an example of some clear card boxes (mine are larger because these are not A2 cards):  Clear card boxes

Have a happy Sunday friends!