Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Messing with Sasquatch

Today I have several cards to share so get comfy!  Messing with sasquatch techniques, lighting, angles, etc.  Which is why these photos all look slightly different from one another, because I’m trying to figure out what works!  Don’t ask what the settings are because I have no idea.  However, I do plan on taking a photography class soon, so hopefully that will improve my incredibly mediocre skills!


Love this set from Studio Calico in conjunction with their all occasion card class with Lisa Spangler.  A different color combo too, I’m loving it!  Photo taken near bright window but not in direct light.


This is a card I made for my parents’ anniversary which happens to be on St. Patrick’s Day – I know that’s almost 2 months ago, oh well!  Same set as above, fun little ink splatters serve as ‘confetti’.  Photo..well taken several weeks ago so I have no idea.


Inspired by Maile Belles card on CASE Study, love the technique of fussy cutting around a stamp on the edge of cardstock.  It’s pretty cloudy here with rain all day, so not really a great photo either.

Pearl Gateway - Card Set 1 (2)

Some masking, such an easy technique with great results.  Colors are pretty close to real life here, I think I did take this during daylight…

Pearl Gateway - Card Set 1 (7)

Using the built in flash – wow this is bright but so crisp!  I like this a lot, but is it overexposed?

Pearl Gateway - Card Set 1 (3)

Taking a photo on an angle which I rarely do but like the look of – but they usually turn out awkward or crooked for me.  I like this one though, just wish it were brighter without washing out the light pool and coral colors.

So what do you guys think, how do you take photos of your cards?