Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RC Cola and Moon Pie…Inspired Card!!

So I had SUCH fun at the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival last Saturday, that I felt really inspired to see my stamps in a new way and get crazy!

I was messing around with this fun sketch from CASE this Sketch! and flipped it, then realized this was perfect colors for the latest Color Throwdown:



These are two separate sets from Avery Elle – and I adore them both.  The bottles I believe are most likely meant to be beer, as I guess dads love beer(?) but I decided to turn them into pop!

Okay when you stop making fun of me for saying pop instead of soda, come on back and we’ll finish this out. Smile with tongue out

Anyways, I wanted to make little RC Colas!  And what goes well with an RC Cola?  Not the French macarons in the AE set…but perhaps Moon Pies!  These must be chocolate ones.  Look at the ‘marshmallow’!  The ‘graham cracker’!  Looks just like a Moon Pie, no? Sleeping half-moon

My dad was upset he couldn’t come down for the festival so I hope this will cheer him up. In love 

Hope you enjoy this card as much as I enjoyed making it!!  Open-mouthed smile