Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tim Holtz Online Card Class–Creative Chemistry 101 Day 9

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101

I’m sure you didn’t expect to see this today, given that Tim Holtz’ Creative Chemistry 101 online class is over a year old.  But the reality is I just didn’t have any Perfect Pearls, so this just had to sit on the back burner for awhile.  I am one of those people that let something sit until I can check it off the list, and I finally got tired of looking at it in my to-do list, so I bought myself some Perfect Pearl Mists!

I was also glad that I did this, because nothing gets you really inky and creative the way Ranger/Tim Holtz’s line of Distress products do.  You may not know how all the techniques in store or how to get some of Tim’s signature looks – this class is the perfect ‘solution’!  It was refreshing to look back at the videos (once you sign up for a class, the videos and PDFs are always available to you, they never expire – how cool is that!), and I had lots of fun with these techniques. 

As with my previous Creative Chemistry posts, I won’t go into lots of detail as I don’t think it’s fair to Tim or the students who have paid for the class.  You should still be able to do the ‘self-paced’ version of these classes should you be interested, I totally recommend them.  Enjoy!

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry - Day 9 (4)

  • Perfect Distress Mist Technique – SO much fun with this.  One of those ‘combos are truly endless’ types of techniques.  Mix and match Distress Reinkers with Perfect Pearls for your own mists.
  • Perfect Distress Technique – Make Distress Ink shine and shimmer thanks to Perfect Pearl powder
  • Perfect Splatter Distress Technique – Fighting for status as one of my favorite techniques in the whole series!  This is so fun and cool to do!

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry - Day 9 (1)

A close up of the mist I created!  A perfect minty green.  The shine at the lower left catches some of the shiny pearly powder.  The darker brown/gold is actually the Perfect Pearl Mist that you can purchase.


Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry - Day 9 (2)

See how the shine is ONLY on the stamped image?  How awesome is that?

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry - Day 9 (3)

LOVE this super chunky look, that looks like bits of copper, what an awesome technique.

Hope you enjoyed, I have one more Creative Chemistry post and you won’t have to wait another year for it! Winking smile

If you want to go back in time, check out Creative Chemistry Day 8, with links to the previous days in each post!