Saturday, July 27, 2013

I love cruising through life with you

I’m thinking this might be my ultimate favorite Trigger Tuesday.  Ever.  And those CT colors?  Ah-mazing!



I took a Studio Calico stencil and sprayed at least 6 different colors of Mister Huey’s in it.  I loved it so much I almost left it by itself but thought that would be weird lol so I had to add some other fun elements!

The bike was a cute choice, I love how it hangs off the side for a bit of movement.  It’s colored in Copics with 2 different colors of Stickles.  The sentiment?  I was sweating on that one.  I had to perform stamp surgery!  It is cut, not once, but twice!  It was originally a very long sentiment but I wanted it to fall across the tag like shown.  The basket was empty so I thought I’d add some wooden veneer hearts.  I colored them, but it looked strange because they were in front of the basket, not exactly ‘in’ it.  So I drew lines on the hearts so they’d be ‘inside’!


Here’s a close up the Stickles and the hearts.  They look so 3D here it looks like they are coming through my computer screen!  Or maybe I’m just tired.  That’s it, I’m probably just tired.

Thanks for coming by <3